ScreenDraw: Whiteboarding with Camtasia Studio


At a conference I attended this summer, a few math teachers were discussing their options for recording hand-written lessons. I asked if they had tried using ScreenDraw, a live annotation tool built into the Camtasia Studio recorder. Most of them didn’t even know it was there – and I wondered how many other users had yet to discover it!

The short video below provides some popular use cases for ScreenDraw as well as instructions for setting it up. A couple of notes before you watch:

  • The video shows the use of a pen-based graphics tablet. ScreenDraw works best with a setup like this, but still functions with a mouse or trackpad.
  • I say it in the video, but it is worth repeating here that anything drawn with ScreenDraw is burned in to the video capture and can’t be edited or turned off after recording.
  • If you start to use ScreenDraw on a regular basis, knowing the keyboard shortcuts to change tools and colors on the fly is a must. I’ve made a printable guide that you can use until you memorize them.

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  • Ace Rashid

    Thanks! That is a real cool feature and I did not know about it.

  • Barrister Karl Obayi

    It stared me in the face and yet I failed to notice it. Great feature. Thanks for sharing.
    Karl obayi

  • Dave Giberson

    Hi Josh,

    ScreenDraw is a nice and very under-appreciated feature of Camtasia, but using it for effective whiteboarding/boardcasting pretty much requires a graphics tablet. Moreover, it requires one to learn to write legibly using such a tablet. The hand-eye coordination required to do so is not natural and requires quite a bit of practice to acquire. We’re having better success with another approach to boardcasting that also uses screencasting (Jing, Camtasia, Camtasia Relay, Snagit all work well). We recommend using a sheet of paper, a pen, and an IPEVO USB document camera. The camera costs less than most graphic tablets and the software supplied with it displays the camera images in the computer screen from which we record it using one of your products. Here’s an example: