This post will try and track known issues with the Jing Project. It will also be updated as we figure out answers and/or new problems. We’re also tracking bugs in our Support System.

Windows Client

Crash when launching:

FIXED IN 1.2.4 There’s currently a bug where Jing expects the date format to be English United States (M/D/YYYY). This means that if your Windows settings are set to anything else, we crash with a System.FormatException. We’re currently working on getting a fix out for this as soon as we can.

After capturing, preview window does not display correctly:

FIXED IN 1.2.6If you have Windows set to use large fonts, the Image and Video preview windows do not display correctly. It looks like the bottom of the window is cut off. This is currently being investigated.

Install hangs or fails with .NET install:

Installing the .NET Framework 3.0 before installing Jing may help with this. It can be downloaded from Microsoft here. After that is finished, the Jing install should work.

Unable to register hotkey message:

(Partially)FIXED IN 1.2.4When launching Jing you may get messages that the hotkey can not be registered. This may occur if you’ve launched 2 copies of Jing, or you have another program that is registering the same hotkey. As of 1.2.4 you can only run 1 copy of Jing at a time.

Jing stops responding after standby or locked mode:

FIXED IN 1.2.5On XP, when you return from standby mode or a locked machine, Jing’s ‘sun’ and/or History window may stop responding or stop drawing correctly. The only work around right now is to restart Jing. This is currently being investigated.

Unable to send links via MSN Messenger service:

WORKAROUND IN 1.2.6Currently when trying to send links via MSN Messenger service, the user sending the links will see them in the chat window, but they are never received by the other party. This also seems to be happening for clients that interact with MSN such as Trillian. This is currently being investigated. Updated 8/08: We have a workaround for this issue. Read about it here.

Audio input device is incorrect:

When recording a video, Jing currently uses the first audio input device found. There is currently no way to configure this in the software and we are currently looking for a temporary solution.

Mac Client

Be sure to check the release notes for version 1.2.5 for details recent fixes.

Can’t move the Sun:

You can drag it by clicking in its center, or if you first hold down the Shift key. It can only be placed in certain locations: any corner, and along edges except where the Dock or Menubar are.

Video recording does not record sound:

Be sure the Mute button has not been turned on. Also, in your System Preferences, check the Sound panel’s Input tab, and be sure the microphone you want to use is the chosen device for sound input.

Video does not record

We are currently investigating a few reports of this issue. Please check if your audio device is turned on. If turning it on fixes this problem for you, please let us know via feedback.

Unable to send links via MSN Messenger service:

FIXED IN 1.2.6Please see the note in the Windows section above.

  • Jeff Smick

    I’m having the Growl problem.

    I had to force quit Jing.

    My console was filling up with the following:
    “2007-07-18 13:00:28.029 Jing[1073] Growlsettings is 0″

    Looks like an amazing product. Let me know what else I can do to help bugfix it!

  • Jason

    I’m also running Growl. My macBook is currently steady at about 60% CPU utilization and the Jing widget-whatsit didn’t show up. If I have to choose between Growl and Jing… ;-)

  • Don

    We think we have figured out the Growl conflict, and are testing a fix. A while back, we were going to use Growl for notifications. Later we decided not to, because we needed to have notifications for people who don’t have Growl, and who choose not to install it. So, we put in our own notifications instead. Unfortunately, Jing still registers itself with Growl, but does not use it. The fix will no longer register us with Growl, and the two should co-exist fine, but Jing will still not be using Growl for notifications. By not registering, we think we’ll avoid the problems some people have had on first launch of Jing.

    Also note that if you can quit Jing (via Activity Monitor or a restart), Jing should start the second time just fine.

    So, Jason, we won’t make you choose between the two. We use Growl ourselves!

    We’re still thinking about supporting it again, optionally, but need to work out some technical issues.

  • Mark

    For Mac video captures: any hint on how large is ‘large’? I’m willing to wait to see how the next Mac release performs before I start giving any redundant feedback.

  • Chan

    Does not appear to hook up to when using a proxy server at work.

  • Alexis Holwell

    I’ve just downloaded Jing to try out but I can’t seem to get the video function to work. Once I select a screen to capture it doesn’t commence capturing although the sprockets on the sides are moving. The timer is not recording anything and when I press stop and check whats recorded there’s just a static image for a fraction of a second. I’ve tried saving the file locally first instead of sharing but the same thing happens.

    Still captures work fine.

  • Jeffrey Riley

    Installed Jing, did a video, clicked on SHARE, opened up Mac Mail, did paste.. and nothing appeared. After a minute I would get a JING message “unable to share capture”

    I’ve restarted and reinstalled.

    I running on a Mac Book. What should I try next?

    Thank you

  • Gordon Slifer

    Would you let me know when you have the problem cited below fixed?
    Since this is not a problem for me with Snag-It, I presume you’ll be able to fix it in JING. Thanks.
    After capturing, preview window does not display correctly:

    If you have Windows set to use large fonts, the Image and Video preview windows do not display correctly. It looks like the bottom of the window is cut off. This is currently being investigated.

  • Joel Pitney

    I’ve recorded a video with jing and it was published in swf format. What do I play this with? Is it possible to convert swf into a more common format like quicktime or windows media player?


  • Victor Calderon

    I have problems when try to run Jing, I have already installes Microsoft Framework 3 and when finishing the Jing Installation a Windows alert appear and said that Jing has to close the program becasue an error was found.

    I restart my system again and Jing send the same error and doesn’t work. I’m user of Snagit almost 8 years ago so I have capture the images of the errors, how I can send those to you to figure out what is happening.

    Thank you in advanced, Victor.

  • Colin Pearce

    If I make than one Jing video when I paste the new URL from the clipboard into an email to send off it is either:
    - the same URL as the previous one Or
    – a new URL but it brings up the previous recording on the web.
    Good luck with it. it will be great if you can fix this bug. Maybe it was me!! Please tell me.
    And your feedback form gives an error message

  • Cash

    One thing I have an issue with is not being able to choose weather or not you can have Jing removed from startup, as I have been unable to stop it on startup, even when un-checking it my msconfig startup tab.

    Very annoying not to have this control over a software program.

    I have tried many of the functions, and feel, overall, you are on the right track for a great product.

  • Doris

    Image capture great. Videos record and playback in a jerky motion. Anything I can do to correct this?

  • Doris

    To play SWF files, download SWF Opener. It’s a Free Application, only 386KB. Works great! Scroll down at this link – it’s the next to last download listed.

  • Zambe

    Jing seems to crash everytime I try to record a video.
    MacBookPRO, osx 10.4.9, Jing 1.2.4

  • Doris

    STARTUP issue – Small free 72KB Application named StartupCPL (CPL=Control Panel), Author Mike Lin – This application works for me for a faster startup.

    After install, Jing is listed under HKLM/Run tab. Remove checkmark from box in front of Jing and it won’t startup. However, when you want to run Jing, you’ll have to go to Control Panel, Startup icon and put the checkmark back in the box. If you go to Programs and click on Jing, it tries to Install again and pops up a note ‘Jing is already running.’

    NOTE: On Windows XP, you must switch the Control Panel to Classic View in order to see the Startup icon.

  • Cash

    RE:Doris “STARTUP issue..Small free 72KB Application named StartupCPL (CPL=Control Panel), Author Mike Lin
    This application works for me for a faster startup.”

    Thanks for the info!

    IMHO: I still would like Jing to offer a choice between the application starting on start-up or by clicking on a short-cut to start.
    Going through what you describe is not very user friendly.

  • Luziver

    I use Jing on a Apple G4 dual 500 MHz and it doesnt work well… I get one frame in 3 seconds. Why is it so slow??? Please help me!

  • Doris

    RE:CASH “Startup Issue” IMHO: I still would like Jing to offer a choice between the application starting on start-up or by clicking on a short-cut to start.

    Tested a shortcut and it works without going back to the control panel to replace the checkmark. Had not previously setup a shortcut. It doesn’t load on startup but it will open by clicking the shortcut.

  • Rod

    This app is pretty cool – seems to work even on my old powerbook. (17″ G4 1Ghz)

    however, every time i click to start a video – the input changes to line. I have it set to mic before… it changes by itself…i have to manually go over and change it to internal mic – and then of course – that action is in my video!


  • Thomas

    Also when trying to share instead of saving I get a similar looking message box: Unable to share your capture. Local file cannot be opened.

  • Anonymous


    This Jing thing is a great idea and I look forward to using it for professional learning. I created a small video and saved it to my computer. When I wanted to add it as an attachment to an introductory email trhe saved file did not show up in the attach window. When I made a second video, I could see the first swf file in the window (although the icon did not look like it was attached to a program). When I open the folder in “My Computer” I cannot see any file in that folder. When I tried to save and replace the first file, the save window just stayed open.

    I looked through previous comments to find an answer but am unsure of where to find answers to all of the questions/comments. Is someone sending answers?


  • David


    I installed both version 1.2.5 and 1.2.6 on my Mac Pro (10.4.10) and none works. When I selected the area I wish to screen-capture and click ‘Image’, nothing happen. Is this a known issue or did I missed something out? Kindly advise, please. This little mighty application looks too great to be missed.

    Thanks and regards.


  • John Chipman

    Just installed Jing on WinXP with .NET 3.0 already installed, but all buttons only have squares on them instead of text. Any ideas?

  • Amanda


    I love the idea of Jing. Unfortunatly when I go to create a video I sound very far away. Also, when I go to play the video, I get vertical red lines. HELP! I would like to make a video for a masters project.


    Ps. I’ve turned everything off that I can before I start my video, re-installed jing and turned off my anti-virus. Nothing seems to help.

  • David

    I don’t have messenger installed and I won’t install it.

    How do I stop Jing from trying to install messenger everytime I start it?

    I have to force-close the messenger installation each time I start Jing.

  • Susan Howe

    HELP!! In preferences I moved to locate Jing in my menu bar rather then the sun. Now I cannot find my Jing. I am giving a presentation on Jing soon and need help.


  • Jenny Wood

    We are trialling this product at our University and so far none of the computers have managed to get any audio on the Video recording.
    Any ideas?

  • Rob

    Any idea why FTP upload to my server always stalls about 75% done? I’ve tried multiple times, same result.

  • Rob

    Also, after the FTP DOES stall out, if I try to cancel it, nothing happens and the app. just hangs permanently (and requires a force-quit).

  • Robert Puckett

    I installed Jing on a power pc based mac running 10.4.11 and when i click the icon in the applications folder jing does not launch. What is the problem?

  • John

    I am using the Mac version, I hid the sun and now I cannot get to any of the preferences or get the sun back, other that all is well, any help will be appreciated.


  • Mike Curtis

    Hi John, I bet Jing is hiding up in your menu in the upper right, sort of by your clock. Right here:

    I also like using hotkeys. Then I don’t even have to bother with clicking the sun or small icon. Here’s a link about that:

    Finally, I made a quick screencast that shows how to get the sun back should you want to do that:

    Hope that helps, and thanks for your interest in Jing!
    Mike Curtis

  • kelli

    Hi there,

    Jing worked fine for me. Until I tried to deinstall it and download a new version.

    Now the application won’t launch (I never see the sun.)

    Please let me know what to do to get it to work again. I’m on a mac and am not running growl.


  • Pam Raidt

    I was really excited to learn about Jing because I thought it would be great to make short demos for teachers at the school where I am tech coordinator. However, on my first several tries I have not been able to record sound. It shows MIKE ON and records the video, but no sound. The mike works when I use it with Windows Movie Maker. Can anyone suggest something that might help me get the sound to record?

  • Jim

    Is it possible to hide or move the player controls when recording? They cover the play button on a video I want to record so I can’t start the video after I set up Jing. Thanks

  • archie2

    I have just downloaded and installed Jing and have had no problem creating a still capture. However, whenever I try recording a video, everything seems to be going OK until I click the stop button and then the program just stops working and shuts down.
    Also, although I see the sun image at the top of the screen it does not change when the mouse pointer hovers over it – I have to select “capture” from the icon in the Notification Area. I’m running Vista Home Premium.
    Is there a fix for any of these problems?

  • Brian

    I have a problem when trying to use Jing when hooked to our corporate network. At home it works fine, but at work I get the “Jing has encountered an error and must close now” message. I believe something is being blocked by the network. Are there any work-arounds for this type issue?

  • patrick paulo

    I uploaded a screencast to jing. When I play it on my computer, it’s fine, but when I play it on the jing website, the video zooms in to the upper left corner way too much. I can’t even see the progress bar at the bottom. Please let me know the problem. I recorded it on a mac. thanks.

  • Dean Sherwin


    I’m having a problem recording in Jing pro – basically, when I record (using one or both the webcam and screencast) I get back a mirror video of whichever I’m using. Also, the picture is green/purple and fuzzy. All you can see is my outline.

    I’m running windows vista.

    Screencasting worked fine until I upgraded to the Pro version.

    Please help!

    Dean .

  • Mike Curtis

    Hello Dean,

    I forwarded your issue on to our Support team. I used the email you submitted when you posted this comment. If that’s a problem, try I’m sorry your issue is very odd to me so I’m not sure of the first thing to try.

    Mike Curtis, TechSmith

  • Ray

    I would like to use jing but it won’t download because it needs .net but when I try to download .net it gives me and error.
    I won’t post the error info here because it has some identifying info. Any help with this would be great – I would love to try it out.

  • Gail

    I have installed the free version of jing, but at the end of the tutorial the login button appears to be cut off in my window. I have a small laptop with windows 7 starter. How can this problem be solved?

  • Jonathan Sankey

    I have a new Asus Laptop with Windows 7 and Jing, when started (post standby or just on reboot) instantly says “Jing has stopped responding, contacting windows for the solution” and then it just closes.

    Nightmare. Any ideas on how to fix it as I really love Jing and it would be a crying shame to have to try another product.

  • Rob

    Unable to install

    After installing Jing, I try to register with to start it up. I get the message “Jing is unable to connect to Verify you are connected to the Internet and try again.”
    Under More Details I get “Could not connect to the network”.
    I can surf to no problems and am obviously able to use the internet (vis this post).
    Is there anyway I can get more information about what is stopping Jing connect?

    (Win XP Pro)


  • Bill Scanlon


    I’ve forwarded that to TechSupport. Sounds like a known issue.

    they should get back to you soon. If not contact them directly at

  • Ryan Molden

    Bill, you forwarded Rob (July 1st 2010) to tech support saying that his connection issues may be a known problem. Is there a post on this? I see the same thing. I am on virtual machine on our corporate network, but I can clearly ‘see’ the outside as I can browse the web and I even downloaded Jing, but as soon as I launch and enter my account info it immediately says it can not connect.


  • Bill Scanlon


    Sorry, not sure what the problem would be.

    My guess would be the virtual machine is using some proxy(ies) that are insulated from Jing.

    I’d direct you to tech support so they could get more details.

  • Frank Hardisty

    When I record a video, about half the time Jing hangs after I’m done recording. It shows a message “Finalizing Video…. please wait while Jing prepares your recording.” And then never stops showing that message.

    I installed Jing Pro today (10 -26 -2010) and I’m running Windows 7.

    Please help. It’s very frustrating to record a video for the fifteenth time and then have Jing hang before it gets saved.

  • Bill Scanlon


    Thanks for reporting that, but there’s really no way to help in these comments.

    Please contact tech support so they could get more details

    I apologize for the frustration :(

  • scott rodda

    When I am pasting my saved Jing image into an email it only shows a little window. It paste fine into a word doc but not in my school email

  • paulkuo

    My question is as same as Frank Hardisty mentioned above.After recording video ,it shows a message “Finalizing Video……

    I use Jing Pro and my PC runs Win 7.

  • Anonymous

    I am having the same issue and is not avaulable as well.

    After installing Jing, I try to register with to start it up. I get the message “Jing is unable to connect to Verify you are connected to the Internet and try again.”
    Under More Details I get “Could not connect to the network”.
    I can surf to no problems and am obviously able to use the internet (vis this post).
    Is there anyway I can get more information about what is stopping Jing connect?


  • Sola

    I have Windows 7 Starter but I cannot install Jing. The install rolls back all the time. What can I do to install Jing?


  • Mike Curtis, TechSmith

    @Sola, sorry for the late response. Have you tried contacting our support team?

    It should work on Win 7, so it’s just a matter of solving the mystery conflict that’s likely happening.

  • Ducky

    I’m running Windows Vista (home premium, service pack 2), and I have *never* gotten Jing to work.

    It seemed to install normally, but whenever I launch it, it crashes before even so much as displaying a startup splash/gui/anything.

    It also gives a pretty generic message about crashing — the usual “x has stopped working, windows can check online for a solution to the problem” etc etc. I have to love the details pane, though — some of it appears to be stating the obvious.

    Stopped working

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: Jing.exe
    Application Version: 2.4.10231.1521
    Application Timestamp: 4c6d8494
    Fault Module Name: KERNEL32.dll
    Fault Module Version: 6.0.6002.18005
    Fault Module Timestamp: 49e037dd
    Exception Code: e0434f4d
    Exception Offset: 0003fbae
    OS Version: 6.0.6002.
    Locale ID: 1033

  • Thomas

    Hi, after installing jing (All worked fine) I try to run it. The sun comes an goes to the upper part of the screen. Then Jing freeezes.

    Any advices?