A Passion for Video Realized

Meet John Buechler, otherwise known as PapaJohn to the video world. John is a retired civil and nuclear engineer who, thanks to his retirement and advances in technology, can now fully delve into his passion for video.  John runs his own website where he provides training and support services, links to his new videos he’s produced, his toolbox and several other resources.

From novice to expert

While PapaJohn may have started out as a novice in movie making and editing, he has certainly achieved expert level. PapaJohn has written two books, guest written chapters for other books and written numerous magazine articles about video creation. He has also received 11 annual MVP awards from Microsoft for ongoing user support, as Microsoft’s Movie Maker is one of the main tools in John’s toolbox.

“My interest is in home videos and I wanted to share my expertise with others. The first part of my digital movie making career was primarily spent problem solving for myself and others,” said John. “I solved issues such as how to get Movie Maker installed, how to start it up and things along those lines. After a number of years I flipped my priorities upside down and now lead by example; I show people what you can accomplish and then help them reach their goals, going well beyond basic problem solving.”

John started his website to help other users and to share his expertise. He realizes everyone has different needs and come from different backgrounds in video editing and may need assistance. John’s motivation for his website does not stem from comparing and contrasting different programs and software. Instead his motivation is providing ways that he himself uses different programs cohesively to end up with a great video.

“I’m a user and want to help other users — that’s my motivation,” said PapaJohn.

The all important toolbox

John believes in utilizing numerous tools and combining their products to make the best video possible. He typically has about 20 different tools in his editing toolbox for a single project, so when it comes time to tackle an editing task, he retrieves the tool that best fits his needs. Some of John’s tools include Windows Movie Maker, Photo Story, Adobe Premiere and Camtasia Studio.

“It’s like building a house. You don’t build an entire house with one tool, like a hammer, even though it could possibly be done,” said John.  “The end product might stand, but it is no where near where it could be had you used specialized tools in different parts of the construction. It’s better to use those specialized tools for specific tasks — the same with video.”

John’s use of Camtasia

John started using Camtasia as a screenshotting tool so long ago that it’s hard for him to remember when the relationship started. Though he can’t remember when it started, the relationship has grown between John and Camtasia. John started using Camtasia strictly as a screen capture tool to capture images or clips that would be placed as the background to his movies.  Recently, John found value in the editing tools in Camtasia and has done a few short, medium and long videos using the software.

I had Camtasia and Snagit slotted as screen capture apps that can produce clips and pictures for movie editing but recent updates have changed my perspective totally,” said John.

John recently produced an hour-long full feature video, which was his first television production. John produced this video with Camtasia and the production is set to broadcast on his local access channel.

Apart from his professional videos, John also creates home videos of his family. John recently began a project with Camtasia for his granddaughter, Bella. John is constantly getting iPhone videos of what Bella has done that day, as Bella lives a few hundred miles away. John began a video scrapbook of her containing all the videos he had received that year.

“I receive all these 30 to 60 second long videos and when I open the attachment in the email, the videos are sideways on the screen, there is no zoom on an iPhone and she’s too small and in the distance, so immediately, I am faced with problems,” said John. “I took my collection of these videos and I put them into Camtasia — they went in and worked perfectly. I could turn them, I could zoom into the content and I could also put videos side-by-side and show two scenes at once. It was just so easy to do and so nice. The audio editing tools, just everything was wonderful.”

Whether personal or professional, John is constantly looking to push the boundaries of what his favorite software tools can do. His toolbox is ever growing and he is constantly learning new tools, tips and tricks to enhance not only his video creations, but those of others as well.


Critters by Jim and Linda – Trailer from PapaJohn on Vimeo.


To connect with PapaJohn and see more of his work, check out his  Vimeo page and website.