Snagit for Small Business: Playing Multiple Roles in a Fast-Paced World

Ally Parson HeadshotBeing a small business is tough. Small businesses have fewer staff members and the same amount of work to do. And often, employees play multiple roles within the organization. Ally Parson is a perfect example.

Ally Parson acts as Human Resources, Marketing, Customer Relations and more at Café Milano in Washington, D.C. Her responsibilities are widespread and require her to be extremely efficient to manage multiple projects and stay on schedule. But with her dedication to quality and a little help from Snagit, Ally is able to look like a rock star with only a few clicks of her mouse.

“It’s my little secret.”

Small businesses have to move quickly. Small restaurants have to move even faster.

Ally knew that her boss didn’t have time to read an email, open a link and follow a list of directions, no matter how clearly she laid it out. But she didn’t know how to improve the process, or if the process could even be improved.

“I didn’t know I needed Snagit until three days before my trial ran out,” said Ally. “After downloading the trial and seeing how much of an impact Snagit had on my daily work, I couldn’t imagine continuing to work without it.”

With Snagit, Ally cut out extra steps and unimportant information by including images in her communications. Instead of lengthy descriptions, she sent a screen capture showing exactly what she meant. All her boss had to do was open her email.

Cafe Milano, Washington, D.C.

Being there…without being there

Ally also faced the challenge of showing her colleagues how to manage her projects while she was out of the office.

Many of her responsibilities require “jumping through some hoops,” according to Ally. For example, Café Milano has a large screen at their entryway for guests to see daily menu items, upcoming events and more. However, the system running the screen must be accessed from a remote computer with a complicated login.

“Rather than writing down a long description of what someone would see, I can walk them through each step visually,” said Ally. “Snagit lets me create walkthroughs of all my projects that I can leave with coworkers when I’m not in the office. I don’t have to worry about anyone being confused or not understanding the information because my Snagit captures show them exactly what to expect.”

As a small business, Café Milano doesn’t have a robust intranet to share information between employees. It’s up to Ally to share updates with staff and provide training documents when necessary. Much like the walkthroughs she creates for her own projects, Ally has updated training documents to more clearly lay out what is expected of new employees.

Training Document Example

Cafe Milano Training Document Example

Welcoming customers

Ally also uses Snagit to edit images sent by customers when using Café Milano as a venue for events. To make the atmosphere more personal, Ally will often use Snagit to turn photos sent by customers into scalable images to be printed on posters. She then decorates the restaurant with these personal touches to create an intimate atmosphere for guests—all without an expensive image editing or design program.

In addition to the décor, Ally also uses Snagit to create invitations to events. Rather than spend a lot of money on printing and mailing, Ally uses Snagit to make email invitations with the confidence that they will appear just as she designed them in customers’ inboxes.

“We did a lot of experimenting with email marketing campaigns,” said Ally. “We found that we spent time and energy designing emails, only to have them appear differently in customers’ inboxes. Snagit lets me design images and easily add them to emails so that my designs will display exactly as I planned.”

Whether working with colleagues or customers, Ally is able to efficiently play multiple roles at Café Milano. And though she has already improved her work with Snagit, Ally notes that she finds new ways to use Snagit every day.

To learn more about Café Milano, visit their website.