Camtasia Defends the Universe (Kind of…Mostly This is About a Music Video)

At its core, the much-loved video game Defender is a simple story: a lone fighter stands between his people and endless waves of invading enemies in a blaze of 8-bit glory. It’s something we can all relate to.

But Rich Malley decided to take the Defender story one step further. He devoted hours of his time to pushing Camtasia for Mac to its limits by creating a music video about the game.

Who is Rich Malley?

When he’s not editing music videos with Camtasia, Rich run his own business as a freelance copywriter and content creator. He was first introduced to Camtasia after a few clients asked him to create screencasts of their products.

“I had a checklist of features I needed in a screencasting tool,” said Rich. “Camtasia seemed to line up most closely with that list. While working on projects for clients, I got ideas for how I could use it for personal projects.”

Rich has been involved with the Austin music scene for a long time and released an album from his solo project, ManchildATX, in 2012. Inspired by a massive arcade that opened in Austin, Texas, Rich set his sights on a Defender console the arcade owned.

Pushing Camtasia for Mac to its limits

After taping initial proof-of-concept footage and playing with the editing capabilities of Camtasia for Mac, Rich decided to move forward with the project. He cut up roughly 20 minutes of footage into more than a thousand artifacts (i.e., timeline regions) before sewing the entire video together.

“I could have just sung to the camera in a single take, but that would be really boring,” said Rich. “So I shot multiple takes in different moods, some deadpan, some over the top, some halfway in between, to give myself lots of editing possibilities, with the aim of making the video more watchable and interesting.”

At points, Rich worked on the video frame-by-frame. He got so detailed that he found Camtasia started to get wonky after he reached a certain number of artifacts on the timeline. To avoid losing any work or corrupting the overall video, Rich split his work into multiple Camtasia projects. When he was finished, he pieced all of the projects together to make the final video.

Rich’s recommendations

Following his Defender video, Rich created a quick promo video as well. He notes that he is much better equipped to do work for clients in Camtasia for Mac after learning so much during the editing process.

“For anyone who wants to start using Camtasia or do something similar to the video I created, they should just dive in,” said Rich. “When making the Defender video, I thought to myself, ‘Regardless of whether or not people love it or hate it, I am really going to know Camtasia.’ And I do know a lot more now because I tried it.”

Rich also recommends learning a little bit about video basics, including best editing practices. For those interested, he pointed to information found on Slideshare and Pro Video Coalition. And now that Rich is a Camtasia for Mac master, be sure to watch his YouTube channel for more music and lots of videos of his cat ignoring him.

Can’t see the videos? You can find the Defender music video (top of page) here and the promotional video for Defender (below) here.