Fueling Growth in a Market on the Move

Meet Brian Javeline, president and cofounder of MyOnlineToolbox, a cutting edge company fueling a need for the growing market of home remodeling and maintenance services.  Professionals in these industries are not spending their day at computers but are instead on the road and at client sites all day. Brian noticed that there was a major problem for these industries: they needed technology to market and grow their business. Brian had the solution.

About MyOnlineToolbox

Contractors traditionally would get much of their business through referrals. Be it a satisfied client or a sign in a neighbor’s yard, customers tend to look for reviews from others before hiring a contractor. Now, more than ever, customers are looking to the Internet to find these referrals. Contractors need to have an online presence to differentiate their work and be noticed by customers. Websites that offer such reviews are becoming more and more popular, but they often are tricky to navigate and many times have terms and conditions that may not benefit the contractor over the long term. Brian is able to assist businesses in this area, among others, and help them navigate the websites and resulting contracts to achieve the best possible result — more business.

Brian quickly realized that many contractors either had no online presence or a simple, unprofessional website with no curb appeal. He noted that contractors are completely underserved when it comes to business solutions and contractor website marketing and he wanted to help contractors become tech savvy to acquire more business by understanding search engine optimization theories in layman’s terms.

“People in this industry are not sitting at their desks all day — they are out in the field, consulting with customers and on worksites,” said Brian. “They need help navigating the online world and attracting new business via the Internet, and that’s where my expertise lies.”

MyOnlineToolbox is a platform that includes website and search engine optimization education for contractors to help them create an online presence that reflects their work.  The website platform targets painters, carpenters, roofers, electricians and any other form of installation or maintenance companies.  MyOnlineToolbox not only provides services to these industry professionals, but also teaches them how to become self-sufficient with technology.

The platform consists of both a Contractor Internet Software Solution and a Contractor Website SEO Education Service. The Contractor Software consists of estimating, invoicing and collections while the Contractor Website SEO Service consists of teaching contractors how they can generate free leads to their own “do-it-yourself” websites.

Brian’s Use of Snagit

Brian discovered Snagit from a customer recommendation and began using it as a product to help MyOnlineToolbox specifically with the education service offered.  After experimenting with Snagit, Brian quickly realized it was a multi-use, every day tool. His use of Snagit grew from making simple tutorial videos for his software and website to furthering customer’s YouTube marketing to generate more contractor leads. Recently, Brian has been using Snagit to create images for his website, keeping the look and feel of his site fresh.

Snagit provided value in both time saved as well as design. Brian noticed an increase in productivity using Snagit as he could now speed up the video production process of his business. Brian measures the return on investment by his ability to master SEO of videos. The quicker he can create videos, the quicker he can enhance SEO activities for contractor’s websites as well as his own site.

“It can be difficult to come up with ideas for material sometimes, but I have found it so easy to talk about whatever it is I am passionate about, that sometimes I just record myself talking aloud or I jot down little notes as I am speaking,” said Brian.  “I then take what I said and begin to format a story around it. Once I have a draft of a story completed, I put specific words in areas that are part of my Search Engine Optimization strategy.”

When it is time to translate his stories into video, Brian has discovered some tips and tricks. He sets the ratio setting to be optimum for an upload to YouTube and then uses Snagit to create the file and load to YouTube.  Since Snagit has the ability to upload to YouTube, the upload is quick and simple. When needed, Brian can go back in and easily re-size his videos from YouTube to embed on his website.

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