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Jamie Perrett had a problem.

As an assistant professor at Texas A & M University, he needed to produce videos from lectures. He had one camera recording the classroom while Camtasia Studio recorded his computer screen. But he needed to mesh the two recordings together into a cohesive video, alternating between the recordings depending on which better portrayed the lesson being taught.

Camtasia Studio 7 did not allow Jamie to easily alternate between the videos, meaning he had to carefully cut and drag sections of the recordings into their proper places. This made aligning video and audio recordings very challenging.

So Jamie posted a request on TechSmith’s GetSatisfaction forum.

Jamie Perrett's GetSatisfaction Post

Jamie noted that the ability to edit a project with multiple video tracks would relieve a number of headaches for people. He laid out exactly what he was looking for and why he needed it, as did a number of other people. The idea gained traction on the forum and generated a lot of feedback. So, the Camtasia development team went to work to figure out how to make multi-track editing happen.

It took some time to develop the feature, but the team was able to include it in the release of Camtasia Studio 8.

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