TechSmith Helps Recording Artist Connect with Fans and Producers

Jessika Dawn is a vocalist within the dance music community. As she develops her fan base and interacts with others in the industry, Jessika uses Snagit to capture and share moments with her followers. She also uses Snagit when working with producers to make sure her music is perfect. Learn more about how Jessika uses TechSmith Snagit below.

Communicating with fans

Jessika-Dawn-HeadshotJessika is able to share her music with fans around the world quickly and easily with social media. More importantly, Jessika is able to make personal connections with those who enjoy her music.

“I like to use Snagit to share updates about my music with fans,” said Jessika. “I often take screenshots of where I’m ranking on music charts to share with everyone. I also share events or information my followers would be interested in by taking quick screen captures that give my fans everything they need to know in one image.”

Jessika noted one example in which many people were asking similar questions about an upcoming music festival. Many of fans of the festival weren’t sure if the information they were receiving was correct. Jessika went straight to the source, captured important information with Snagit, and made a quick, shareable image for festival fans to clear confusion.

“Snagit makes it possible for me to quickly capture and highlight information for fans and industry colleagues,” said Jessika. “I am able to share what I know so that we could all see the information as it was originally experienced.”

Jessika Dawn Sharing Promotion

Sharing information visually is a matter of “simple marketing,” according to Jessika. She has found her followers are much more engaged when she includes visuals instead of a paragraph of plain text.

Communicating with colleagues

In addition to her social media following, Jessika uses Snagit to improve her communication with producers. Finding time to collaborate with producers is difficult, so Jessika uses Snagit to show them exactly what she means.

“I once had trouble with the program I use to record my music,” said Jessika. “I used Snagit to capture my screen as the error was happening. When I sent it to the producer I was working with, we were able to trouble shoot the issue because they could see exactly what I was seeing.”

When Jessika records vocals, she sends the finished file over to a producer and includes visual notes made with Snagit to show them exactly where her part should fall on the track. By doing so, she eliminates any confusion on the producer’s end.

Finally, Jessika uses Snagit to track professional communications. Given her social media presence, Jessika leaves a number of communication pathways open. Though she prefers email correspondence for professional matters, she routinely receives professional inquiries through social media.

“People share a lot of information quickly through social media,” said Jessika. “To keep up with everything people are saying, I use Snagit to grab important information to save and note later.”

Tips for others

On top of all of the ways Jessika uses Snagit, one of the most fun ways she uses the tool is to capture moments.

“I love little shared moments with people,” said Jessika. “If I have a meaningful interaction with someone I admire, I use Snagit to capture the moment and save it to remember and share later. It definitely beats writing a letter to someone and never hearing back.”

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