3 Resources to Build Your Personal Learning Network

Personal Learning Networks are becoming a popular way to learn from other educators. But how do you get started in creating a personal learning network, or PLN? I’ve put together a quick list of 3 resources that educators are using to build PLNs:

1)   Twitter Chats & Hashtags:

20 education hashtags

Twitter is a fantastic tool to create your professional circle of like-minded connections around the world. With so many hashtags to follow and chats to participate in, it is a great resource. Here is an article from Edudemic that lists 20 Twitter Hashtags Every Teacher Should Know About to get you started. This list is by no means a full list and chances are there is a twitter chat available for exactly what you’re after. And if there isn’t- start one!

2)   Pinterest:

Digital toolkit on Pinterest

Whether you are new to Pinterest or a regular ‘pinner’, Pinterest can be a great resource to save and organize your resources and ideas. The Education team here at TechSmith has been building up our own education resources on our Digital Learning Toolkit account on Pinterest.

We have created Pinterest boards that cover a range of education topics from Education apps, articles, infographics, to Flipped Classroom information, EDU blogs and websites, professional development and many more. Check us out on Pinterest and see if these resources are helpful for growing your PLN.

3) Blogs, websites & podcasts:

Chalkstar to Rockstar podcast

Many educators have created blogs to share their thoughts and experiences. To make it easier to know where to start, TechSmith EDU has created a couple boards on Pinterest with some of the education blogs and websites that we follow.

Here are two of them to get you started:

We hope this helps you expand your learning network. And we would also like to thank the educators out there who help us continue to learn from you every day.

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