No home Wi-Fi? Ask3 & Videos To-Go.

For me, teaching is the art of improvisation.  Over time, my lesson plan became, “Use plan B.”

When we made Ask3, we thought:  “Let’s make teachers’ lives easier by having kids help each other.”  Teachers would then tell us about the students who had iPads, but who didn’t have Wi-Fi at home.  Hello, plan B.

This week we leveled the playing field for 1-to-1 iPad classes.  Ask3 version 1.3 still:
– Makes it easy to make a video screencast from your iPad
– Automatically delivers the video to your entire class
– Allows you and your students to have threaded discussion  (see a quick primer on Ask3)

But, now, students can do all of this offline.

If your student opens Ask3 in class, the app will automatically download all the videos and comments. If that student goes somewhere without Wi-Fi, Ask3 enables the student to watch and interact with all the videos as if online. Any videos or comments that the offline student makes will be automatically uploaded and synchronized when the iPad comes online again.

It’s kind of like the pizza guy asking, “Take out or home delivery?
Ask3 smirks and answers, “Yes, please.

Get the best of on- and off-line collaboration with Ask3 via the App Store.

See how Rebecca Wildman taught her 4th grade class from home with Ask3:

Can’t see the video? Watch it on YouTube.

Got a suggestion about what we should build next?  Let us hear it!