Camtasia Relay Allowing For Uninterrupted Education

Quinnipiac University’s Mount Carmel Campus, located in Hamden, Connecticut, was forced to close for a full week as Superstorm Sandy knocked out power. Several trees fell on campus and downed trees and electrical wires blocked several surrounding roads. Although the campus was closed, learning did not stop for the Bobcats; students stayed on track using Blackboard and Camtasia Relay .

An assistant professor in the School of Nursing, Robin Guisti, who co-teaches a Health and Physical Assessment class, delivered the necessary lecture notes to her students who were preparing for their upcoming lab. She recorded her voice as she went through her PowerPoint using Camtasia and uploaded it to Blackboard for her students to access.

Academic Technology introduced Camtasia Relay to the campus community in September 2010. Since then, Quinnipiac has made Camtasia Relay available to all faculty, staff and students. Quinnipiac does not solely use Camtasia for emergency situations;it is used on a regular basis. The faculty uses Camtasia Relay in many ways, including annotating students’ work by voice while showing it on screen and flipping the classroom by producing presentations or lectures and making them available to students in Blackboard. Students use it to create final projects and/or digital stories, and staff use it to create video tutorials for coworkers.

Programs such as Camtasia Relay and Blackboard make it possible to continue education through inclement weather, including large storms or massive snowfalls in which they otherwise may not have been able to continue learning on schedule. These programs allow students to receive the most out of their educational experience while providing faculty members with the necessary tools to deliver it to students.

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