Crystal Kirch, WSQ and Ask3

Last year, I met Crystal Kirch, who helps her kids to think, write and talk about math every day.

As she says:

(1) I want my students comfortable asking and answering questions of each other, especially when they are confused.

(2) I just want my students asking questions, period! That is where discussion and deeper thought come from!

She breaks it down to 3 steps (WSQ):

Watch. Students are NOT required to watch her whole video, as long as they can effectively show they understand. Which brings us to…

Summarize. If they can explain it, they understood it. So, she asks students to summarize what they learn. In class, they review the summaries as a class to determine if the summary was great, good or bad.

Questions. She teaches them early on that “I don’t have any questions” is not an option. She suggests 3 types of questions:

  1. A specific question about an example that was worked out and where they got stuck or confused
  2. A general question about the concept and something that was said or explained
  3. This may be a question you think your classmates might have, or just a good question you think I (the teacher) would ask and expect you to know.

I’d be interested in hearing from you as you try to get your students asking and answering each others questions… even assessing each others’ summaries, using Ask3.

Crystal Kirch is an amazing teacher. I highly recommend her blog for math educators and especially flipped educators.

Troy Stein

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