Digital Learning Day and TechSmith

TechSmith is pleased to be a part of Digital Learning Day on February 6, 2013!

Digital Learning Day is a national awareness campaign to celebrate the effective use of  technology to enhance learning. TechSmith is honored to not only be a sponsor, but more so, we’re honored by the fact that our tools are making an impact in education.

What is digital learning?

The Alliance for Educational Excellence, the proponent behind Digital Learning Day, defines Digital Learning as: Any instructional practice that is effectively using technology to strengthen the student learning experience.” Examples might include using technology to enhance distance or blended learning, recording a lesson to make it available 24/7, assistive technologies, or using technology to aid in interventions or differentiated instruction. Many examples are available on their site or in the 2012 highlight video.

How does TechSmith play a role in Digital Learning Day?

TechSmith creates software to help empower educators and further engage their students. Some examples of how TechSmith has helped with digital learning include:

How can you get involved in Digital Learning Day?

  1. Do you know an educator or school doing powerful things with technology? Send them this link with information about what they can do between now and February 6th to participate on the big day.
  2. If you’re an educator and have been tempted to explore ideas of providing video feedback or maybe flipping a class or lesson, now might be a good time to try. Here’s a list of popular educational uses incorporating TechSmith software, and there’s a how-to tutorial to go along with each one.  We offer fully functional, free 30-day software trials of Snagit and Camtasia Studio on our site.
  3. Familiar with TechSmith software, and have a school connection? Perhaps you can offer to help them make a short video to document their best practices or success story. Encourage them to share their experiences with us at
  4. Follow us on @TechSmithEdu and help spread the word about Digital Learning Day.

Digital Learning Day is brought to you by the Alliance for Excellent Education.