Star Teacher Attracts National Recognition with Flipped Classroom

AP Calculus teacher Stacey Roshan uses flipped classroomIf you think back to high school, there are usually a couple of teachers that stand out in your memory as having a lasting effect on you. Stacey Roshan is one of those teachers. A math teacher at the Bullis School in Potomac, Maryland, Stacey has been using Camtasia and to flip her classroom for the past two years to create a more relaxed and effective learning environment for her students. As a result, her AP Calculus students have been performing exceptionally well on the AP exam, scoring 4’s and 5’s. In fact, after her first year of flipping, the average AP score went from 3.59 to 4.11 – a jump of more than a half a point!

Stacey works incredibly hard at her job every single day, and as a result, has received a lot of attention nationally – including being selected by the National Association of Independent Schools as part of the annual Teachers of the Future program. Additionally, she has been featured in many prominent news outlets, including CNN and The New York Times! We’ve put together a highlight reel of articles and excerpts below, so you can learn more about what Stacey is doing with videos and screencasting. If you’re impressed (we are!) let her know; she’s @buddyxo on Twitter.

CNN: My View: It’s never too late to begin flipping your classroom
“Using technology has allowed me to bring compassion back into an otherwise overly stressful classroom environment. The flipped classroom has transformed the relationships that I am able to build with my students, and has made class time incredibly more pleasant for everyone. Quite simply, the flipped classroom has allowed me to create a calm, inspiring environment where students can learn, thrive and feel supported, which is truly a magnificent feeling.”

The Washington Post: The flip: Turning a classroom upside down
“About four nights a week, [11th-grader Brooke] Gutschick watches a different Roshan-made video covering a specific concept. The videos are generally 20 to 30 minutes long, but she said she often stops and goes back to listen to parts she didn’t understand the first time. “This way you don’t have to miss anything,” she said. In class, she said, she works with the teacher and other students on problems, and no longer has ‘to sit at home and struggle with my homework.’”

USA Today: ‘Flipped’ classrooms take advantage of technology
“Step into Stacey Roshan’s Advanced Placement calculus class some morning and two things become apparent: The students don’t seem stressed-out, as AP students often do… Sitting in pairs, students poke at their iPads waiting for class to begin. But in place of a long-winded lecture there’s Roshan… moving through the room, urging students to take out their homework.”

US News & World Report: Study: Emerging Technology Has Positive Impact in Classroom
“Taught with the video lectures, Roshan’s students in the 2010-11 school year scored an average of 4.11 on the AP calculus test, compared to the 3.59 average among her students who took the test and were taught in the traditional classroom setting the year before. And a third of the class—a 10 percent increase from the previous year—scored a 5, the highest score a student can achieve on an AP test.”

T.H.E. Journal: The Backwards Class
“A fairly new teacher has come up with a way to help her anxiety-ridden AP Calculus AB students relax more in class. She’s using an approach dubbed by her students as the ‘backwards classroom.’ The practice can be used with or without computers or other smart devices, and the results have been remarkable: There’s evidence that achievement is improving and that the teaching style suits motivated students well.”

The New York Times (VIDEO): Teachers’ Views on Technology in the Classroom

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