Like Adding a 2nd Teacher to the Class

When I was a kid, my job was to tape cardboard boxes.  Rather than spend 60 minutes taping up boxes, I would spend 45 minutes figuring out a better way to tape them and then 30 minutes taping them.  Even as a kid, I remember feeling awesome about learning a new way to work smarter.

Last week, I  found a kindred spirit in Lance Yoder from East Noble School Association in Indiana. While we were skyping, I found out that that one of their teachers felt like Ask3 had put another teacher in their classroom. Here’s their 2 minute story:

<note:  please reload the page, if the audio player isn’t showing up>

So, how are you using Ask3?  If you’re not, how might you use its ability to automatically send videos to students and engage them in threaded video conversations?

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Troy Stein

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