A Picture is Worth 1,000 Questions

I’ve been jealous of social studies teachers, like Andy Kastl and Chris Carpenter, who seem to go from 0 to 60 with their classroom discussions as they get students to dive in head-first.

Today, as I read Diane Quirk’s review of Ask3, it dawned on me how you might begin engaging iPad students in a discussion with a simple picture using Ask3.  For example:


You can send this picture to your students with a question like “thoughts?” or “how does the past impact our President?”  Or like, Dan Meyer and his 101Qs approach, you can simply present the picture and let curiosity flow.

The same approach can engage the students in conversations around such subjects as…

Math Physics Art Foreign Language
Farm circles
Why farm in circles?
Pumpkin launch
Can a pumpkin
fly a mile?
What is the artist
trying to say?
Bull run
What’s happening here?
or ‘¿Que’ Ves?’

What questions are you asking and what pictures are you using to kick start your students’ engagement?  Do tell!!! Leave a comment below, connect on Twitter or email us!

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Troy Stein

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