Remind 101: How a Student’s Struggle with Dyslexia and ADD Led to the Creation of a New Communication Tool for Educators

Guest post by Christine Garland from Remind101.

Brett and David KopfAs a student at Michigan State University, Brett Kopf struggled with dyslexia and ADD. Likely during a class in which he should have been paying attention, his mind wandered to a potential solution for his resulting disorganization. If there was a service that could send him a text message every time he had a test, an assignment due, or schedule related announcement, then his status as a student could dramatically improve. At that moment, Remind101 was born, or at least the concept. It wasn’t until Brett shared his idea with his brother David that the product came to be.

The increase of technology in the hands of students is a great thing. It’s given them access to resources and learning tools that can improve their efficiency, problem solving skills, and escalate knowledge absorption. But as we all know, this can also be dangerous. As Brett is no stranger, technology is also an easily accessible distraction. Especially for those with a natural tendency toward wavering focus.

Enter Remind101.

Remind101 is a free, safe messaging service for teachers to communicate with students and parents via text or email. Teachers sign up for an account, create classes or groups, gather subscribers, and start messaging. This is all done without ever sharing their personal cell phone number, or collecting phone numbers from their students or parents.

Teachers are now using the service for all sorts of reminders from, “Don’t forget to bring $20 and your signed field trip form tomorrow,” to “Biology test Fri. Study chapter 9 extra hard!” to “I’m so proud of how hard you’ve all been working! Keep it up,” the uses are endless, and the more they use it, the more they see results.

Parents love it too. Between classroom websites, calendars, emails and newsletters…they’ve got a lot to keep up with. And all this is between their day-to-jobs, familial obligations, chores, dinner, etc. With Remind101 parents get a quick snapshot of what their kids are learning and how they can help keep them on track…straight to the one tool they always have on them, their cell phone.

Remind101 was built to make it ridiculously simple for teachers to navigate the ever increasing technology adoption (and sometimes distraction), and communicate with students and parents. Remind101 makes staying connected as simple as sending a text!
Remind 101 Workflow Screenshot

Teachers, try it now:

Chrsitine Garland

Christine Garland manages the marketing for Remind101, a safe way for teachers to text message students and stay in touch with parents. You can contact with her directly via email,, or on Twitter @CAGarland, or visit the Remind101 Facebook page.