Snagit for Chrome and Google Classroom

Snagit for Chrome and Google Classroom

This post is part of a series around using TechSmith Snagit for Google Chrome with Google Classroom.

For those of you in the Google Apps for Education world, you’ve no doubt been waiting excitedly for the release of Google Classroom. That day has finally come, which means it’s time to start playing to learn just what it can do. Fortunately, we were able to get our hands on Classroom a bit early, and found that there are already some great ways to use it with Snagit for Google Chrome; let’s take a look!

The first thing to keep in mind is that Google Classroom works very closely with Google Drive, which is what makes Snagit such a great match, because everything you capture with Snagit for Google Chrome automatically saves to your Google Drive. When you create a new assignment with Classroom, you can easily attach content from Google Drive to the assignment.

Create content with Snagit for Google Chrome to add to a Classroom Assignment

Attaching something from Google Drive to a new assignment in Classroom. GIF created with Snagit for Google Chrome.

While this post mostly focuses on attaching images and videos from Snagit to assignments in Classroom, it should also be kept in mind that they could just as easily be attached as an announcement. Additionally, attachments aren’t limited just to the teacher; students can also use Snagit to capture images and videos, and turn those in as responses to assignments or when they want to share something with the rest of the class. The processes outlined below work similarly in these other scenarios.

When you make an image capture with Snagit, that capture, along with all of your annotations, is automatically saved and synced to Google Drive. Attaching these captures to a new Classroom assignment is incredibly quick and easy, as demonstrated in the video below.

Can’t see the embedded video? Watch it on YouTube.

This is a great way to give students various forms of feedback. Perhaps a student has done some writing and you want to give some quick notes. You can take a snapshot of their paper, leave notes with Snagit, and then share it through Classroom, tagged with the assignment title. Students now have an easily-referenced document as they revise their work.

Students can also use Snagit for Chrome quickly and easily because it’s free! They can install the extension themselves at the start of the year. It’s great for group work. Rather than emailing documents and suggestions back and forth, students can quickly grab a picture of the website or presentation they’re building and leave comments with annotations. Visual communication is quick and easy and can be just as communicative as an email.

Another great part of Snagit for Google Chrome is the ability to create screencasts, or video recordings of what you see on your screen. Just like image captures, screencasts are automatically uploaded and saved to Google Drive, and attaching them to Classroom assignments is just as easy. The following short video will show you how it works.

Can’t see the embedded video? Watch it on YouTube.

Like screen image captures, screencasts are a great way to quickly communicate ideas. Have you ever had to repeat instructions or show a website because students missed what you said? With a screencast, those questions are eliminated. Your instructions are in the video, and you’ve just duplicated yourself when those questions come up. Students can also refer back to the instructions if they forgot a due date, the grading process, or just to hear their assignment again.

With students making videos, they can narrate their thought process or their intentions with work. Another great use of video would be to have students verbally reflect on a piece of writing – essentially hold a writer’s workshop with themselves. You can listen to their self-evaluation and build on their analysis with your own feedback.

So as you can see, there are some great ways that Snagit for Google Chrome and Google Classroom already work together; however, this is only the start! We’re going to continue working to make the experience between Snagit and Classroom even better, and we want your help. As you’re using Snagit and Classroom, if you have a great idea about something you’d like to see, or a new feature that would help you save time, we want to hear about it. Please visit our feedback website and let us know what you’re thinking.

Snagit for Google Chrome is free; you can download the capture extension here and the editing app here (you will want both of them).