8(ish) Apps for Summer Travel Plans

With summer underway, TechSmithies are heading out across the state of Michigan, the U.S. and beyond. And since we love to geek out over cool tech stuff, we do so with a homescreen full of apps.

We asked around the office and pulled together a few of our favorite apps for summer travel, which we’ve listed below.

Before the trip

TVFoodMaps (iOS | Android)

  • “TVFoodMaps app!  You can find all the places around you that have been on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, Man vs. Food, The Best Thing I’ve Ever Ate, etc.” – Dave McCollom, Education Evangelist

Food Tripping (iOS | Android)

  • “Another good one is called ‘Food Tripping’ and it gives you the closest eateries, juice joints, farmers’ markets, microbreweries, and such depending on where you are! It lists alternatives to fast food so you can have better options, and it’s really cool!” – Emily Veit, Graphic Design Intern

TripIt (iOS | Android)

  • “TripIt!” – Brent Beckman, Channel Manager
  • “Must have.” – Betsy Weber, Chief Evangelist
  • “Not only is it very easy to forward confirmation plans for your trip (car, air, hotel), but when you need to find that information later, it is very easy to locate as they upload all of the schedule by the date and time for you.” – Kelly Larson, Channel Account Manager

Can’t see the TripIt video above? Watch it on YouTube!

During the trip

Photo Apps

  • “Of course you want some good camera apps to document your trip. Some of my favorites are…

SitorSquat (iOS | Android)

  • “Great when looking for a clean bathroom.” – Daniel Foster, Social Media Strategist

Google My Tracks (Android)

  • “Competent like most Google apps. It’s intended as a health/fitness app, but it can track road trips just fine. It’s actually kind of basic when used in this regard.” – Jason Coleman, System Administrator

After the trip

Google Earth (iOS | Android)

  • “Google Earth is a particularly neat one to plot trips on because it will plot your vertical changes as well, not just your path on a flat map. Also if you do stuff like say, ride in a hot air balloon or skydive while on vacation, the vertical GPS plot is pretty cool to see.” – Jason Coleman, System Administrator

Have other apps we should check out? Let us know in the comment field below!

Will Verchereau

Will Verchereau is the Customer Content Coordinator for the Marketing Team at TechSmith.

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