How to contact TechSmith on the Web – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and More!

Are you social? We sure are! In fact, TechSmith now has a small team dedicated to a variety of social sites in the hopes that we can connect with you on your preferred method. Some people love Twitter and some people hate it, and the same is true with Facebook. Well, we are active on all of them, so please contact TechSmith where you want and we promise to deliver the latest news, tips & tricks, and product update information. If you have any suggestions then give us a shout, we’re all ears!



We recently merged all of our blogs into one spot so that you can view everything in one, simple place. Check out our new blog home! If you prefer only one or two of the channels, then feel free to click into that particular channel and subscribe via RSS on that page only. If you like all of the channels then subscribe on the main “All Blogs” page and we will deliver all posts to you!

Do you ‘like’ facebook?

With over one billion active users, we know that Facebook is where it’s at! We have several product pages, plus a corporate TechSmith page, which can be found here:
TechSmith Facebook page
Snagit Facebook page
Camtasia Studio Facebook page
Jing Facebook page
ScreencastCamp Facebook page

 Is Twitter your cup of tea?

If you are a fan of Twitter, then we want you to know that we have fifteen specific handles (yes, 15!!) to share ideas, provide service, and help you with product tips and tricks!


[one_half]TechSmith corporate
Snagit product
Camtasia Studio Windows
Camtasia for Mac
Camtasia Relay
Coach’s Eye iOS and Android App
ScreenChomp iPad App[/one_half][one_half_last] TechSmith Education Community
TechSmith local – mid-Michigan jobs and news
TechSmith Channel – for US/Global partners
TechSmith German
TechSmith Japanese
Snagit Japanese
Screencast camp – TechSmith’s annual summertime camp
List of TechSmith employees that tweet[/one_half_last]

Addicted to Youtube?

We have a channel! Subscribe to our TechSmith channel where we deliver great customer stories and episodes of The Forge, our TechSmith web show.

Prefer Photos?

Check out our Flickr sets to get a sneak peek of TechSmith culture, contests, conferences and events.


Are you a fan of Pinterest?

You can see our pins on the TechSmith Education Pinterest account where we pin great ideas for educators.

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