TechSmith Employee Event: Murder Mystery Train

All Aboard!

The Events Committee at TechSmith tries to plan a fun event each month for employees, spouses, and their families.

One such recent event was a new adventure that we had never tried before, and most of us were pleased to find that it was a fantastic time! On a recent Sunday, about 75 employees and their guests climbed aboard The Old Road Dinner Train in Charlotte, MI.

We knew nothing about what to expect…only that we would be fed a meal and we had to solve a mystery. Not long after we boarded, a gentlemen from The Murder Mystery Co. handed out binders and props to one person at each table. Surprise! We were the actors in the mystery and we had to figure out whodunit! The binder included instructions for our character’s “secret” and what we could say when other characters interrogated us. Between courses of the meal, we were all free to roam around and try to figure out each characters’ motive for the murder and try to find the secrets that others were holding under their hats. It was fun and sometimes shocking to see how talented some co-workers were with the acting schtick!

Mystery Solved!

It turns out that the train didn’t really go anywhere, it simply went down the tracks a mile, turned around and went back and then turned around again. It did this the entire 2 hours on the train, but most of us didn’t notice because we were having so much fun! In the end, we figured out the mystery, had a tasty meal, and definitely had a lot of laughs along the way! Thanks again to TechSmith for sponsoring such fun events where we can kick back and get to know our co-workers a little better.

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Renee Badra

Renee Badra is the Online Community Specialist for the Social Media Team at TechSmith.
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