Meet our Enterprise Account Team

Guest post by Jamey Huffman, Enterprise Account Team Leader at TechSmith

I call it Snagit or Camtasia Envy… Once one person in your office gets a hold of our software, it starts to spread faster than a grumpy cat picture. While it’s easy to hop on our website to get a single user license whenever you need it, did you know you could be missing out on some significant cost and time savings for your organization? When you get to the Enterprise level (100 Snagit or 25 Camtasia), you could be looking at a 50%-95% cost savings per license! Being able to package a master key and customize the installation tends to make the IT folks happy, while reducing the number of purchase orders or reimbursement checks – which will make your Purchasing folks smile.

Here’s how a typical call goes… “We love <insert favorite product here> and we’d like to roll it out to more users, but it’s getting hard to manage all of these keys and transactions!”

Have no fear, our Enterprise Account Team is here!

(from left) Sam Curcuruto (academic), Jamey Huffman, Kelly Schmerer, Lisa Ashbay-Singh, Matt Dennis and Haley Carwile (academic).

The team can help you do the following:

  • Identify just how many licenses you already have within your organization.
  • Understand our Enterprise Licensing options and help you pitch them to your stakeholders.
  • Discover new uses and justify making TechSmith part of your standard computer software install.
  • Upgrade and consolidate existing licenses to one key and one agreement.
  • Act as a liaison between you and your reseller.
  • Get you into the best possible pricing and licensing based on your organization’s needs.
  • Become your main point of contact going forward for all things TechSmith.

Enterprise Licensing Options

These licenses typically start at 100 Snagit or 25 Camtasia Studio. Below are the standard options:

  • Transactional– The more you buy, the more you save! Discounts are based on the total number of licenses per order.
  • Cumulative– By putting all of your licenses under a Maintenance Agreement you can add to that Agreement at any time, in any quantity. You would receive pricing based on the total number of licenses under your agreement.
  • True Up– Deploy licenses as needed and only place an order once a year. You will then report deployment numbers to TechSmith once a year. At time of True Up, you pay for new deployment and renew maintenance on the entire install base for the following year.
  • Site– Pay one flat fee for a range of users. We’ll work with you to determine a deployment cap that gives you a cushion for growth.
  • FTE– currently only available for Academic Institutions on a 3-year subscription basis. We’ll work with on a flat fee to cover all faculty, staff and students on your entire campus.
  • Don’t see what you need? Call us, we’re happy to entertain other options!

We know that you save time and money using our software, so why should licensing and purchasing be any different? Contact us to see what we can do for your organization!

Jamey Huffman has been at TechSmith for 6 years, starting as an Inside Sales Specialist and eventually joining the Enterprise Account Team. She is now the Team Leader for Enterprise Sales and recently took on the challenge of managing Sales Interns. Jamey lives in Elsie, MI (where there are more dairy cows than humans) with her husband of 7 years and 1 year old daughter. When she is not at TechSmith you’ll find her at the barn prepping her 4 year old Quarter Horse filly for National Reining Horse Association competitions. You can catch her on Twitter @JustSayWhoa.

Renee Badra

Renee Badra is the Online Community Specialist for the Social Media Team at TechSmith.
You can follow her at @badrar

  • Her guilty pleasure is eating ice cream straight from the carton after her kids go to bed.
  • She is a self-proclaimed foodie and loves to bake sweet treats.
  • Favorite place on earth: Leelanau County in Northern Michigan