What’s on your Father’s Day Wish List?

TechSmith has some pretty amazing fathers roaming the halls and making your favorite apps and software. From single dads to fathers of five and everything in between, we’re lucky to employ some truly great guys. We asked TechSmith dads to share what was on their Father’s Day wish list. No surprise here, their responses had a decidedly tech flair.

Read on to meet a few TechSmith dads and don’t miss the reminder about our special sale!

Chris Bawden, Search Marketing and Advertising Technical Coordinator and Father of One (Soon to be Two!)

Wishing for…

“A wireless 8 camera surveillance system with 500 hour DVR… but since that’s pretty expensive, I’d settle for a new external hard drive.”

Best Father’s Day Gift

“This art project that my daughter gave me a few days early this year.”

Robert Risdon, Technical Support Specialist and Father of One

Wishing for…

“A Playstation 3 (I am desperately hoping for this one), a Playstation Vita, a Samsung Galaxy Note (10″), or an iPad 3.”

Best Father’s Day Gift

“Two years ago I spent the entire day out on the lake with my daughter. We fished and swam from sunrise to sunset and my daughter caught her first fish. We rounded the night off around the campfire where I filleted the fish and then cooked them over the open fire. It is a profound memory for us.”

Larry LaHaie, Software Engineer and Father of Two

Wishing for…

“If my wife and/or daughter got me a Japanese copy of Dragon Quest VII for the Nintendo 3DS, I would not complain a bit. I’d also need a Matrix-style download of the knowledge to read and understand the Japanese language. A simple Father’s Day miracle of sorts, right?”

Best Father’s Day Gift

“I’m going with sappy. My best gift was last year, during my daughter’s first year on planet Earth. The gift was the state of being her Daddy. There’s nothing greater I have ever been or will ever be.”

Paul Middlin, Software Architect and Father of Three

Wishing for…

“Dad wants some outdoor Bluetooth speakers so he can rock out to the tunes while he’s grilling up burgers for the kids.

Look at all these cool ones!?

But probably, something made by the kids will touch the heart more.”

Best Father’s Day Gift

“Best Father’s Day gift so far is the little things that they make for me at school, like the twig+yarn+construction paper fishing pole or anything that says ‘I love Dad’ on it. It comes from the heart and that is what makes me sing.”

Daniel Foster, Social Media Strategist and Father of Four

Wishing for…

“A Howard Leight 1030110 Sync Noise-Blocking Stereo Earmuff for mowing the lawn while listening to Jack White, This American Life, or social media podcasts. I can be so specific about the model, because I ordered it myself…best way to ensure you get exactly what you want. ;)”

Best Father’s Day Gift

“This card from my (then) 6-year-old daughter. She had no idea.”

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Now it’s Your Turn…

Tell us, how are you making memories this Father’s Day?