Fun with LEGOs at TechSmith

Original calendar set

Tower built out of calendar set pieces

Did you know that LEGO is the contraction of two Danish words, “leg godt” which means “play well”? Around TechSmith, one thing we know how to do is play! Each Christmas we create a new and creative calendar to send out for the holidays. A couple of years ago, the calendar was a LEGO set that could be rebuilt each month to correspond with the amount of days in that particular month.

It turns out that it could also be built into any kind of creation that the imagination could conjure up! A few of the guys on our Camtasia Relay team took it upon themselves to collect just a few calendars and reach for the sky. The result was quite impressive, and they are still standing today….

LEGOs and Snagit

Here are some fun ways to mix LEGOs and Snagit!

TechSmith’s own Betsy Weber took these Star Wars LEGO photos with Instagram on her iPhone and then created the captions in Snagit.

Think of all the uses! You could create custom greeting cards, Facebook profile pics with captions, and much more!

Mini TechSmithies have fun with LEGOs

Some of the children in my kids’ after-care program decided to make some pretty elaborate LEGO creations. I added Snagit callouts and gave them the recognition they deserved! We also have a few mini TechSmithies who are LEGO fans, so please check out the creations below! If you want to try your hand at creativity with LEGOs and Snagit, then download our free, 30-day trial version today.

Can’t see the embedded photos? View them on Flickr.

Watch a heartwarming story on YouTube to learn why a certain 10 year old named James thinks that LEGO is the best company in the world!

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