Interview with an Inside Sales Specialist

Kelsey Ambrosier

Kelsey Ambrosier

Roving reporter Renee Badra here, at your service! I visited the Sales building recently and stopped by to interview Inside Sales Specialist, Kelsey Ambrosier, about a few sales related subjects that you might find of interest. You can find the questions and answers below:

Q: What is your role at TechSmith?
 Inside Sales Specialist

Q: Can you tell us a little about your day to day job functions?
In Inside Sales we spend the majority of our day assisting customers on the phone, via email, or online chat. We try to do our best to deliver speedy and accurate responses to our customers! We create price quotes, answer questions about the different features in our programs, as well as represent our team and our customers on many company committees.

Q: What is your favorite part of the job?
I would have to say hearing how our customers are using our programs, or what they hope to use our programs to accomplish. Not to mention, the culture at TechSmith is incredible and the people I work with are fun and career driven. It makes coming to work every day fun.

Q: What do you find to be the most challenging part of your job?
A: I would have to say staying on top of all of the features within our programs and how they are used! Our developers love to receive customer feedback and are always working to meet our customers’ requests. There is always something new going on around here; we have great opportunities to continue to learn!

Q: What is your favorite TechSmith software and what do you use it for?
I LOVE Snagit! I use it throughout my day at work to add images to emails instead of typing everything out or when working on projects. I use it in my free time too. We have a lot of house re-modeling projects and I am constantly taking snags of fun DIY ideas I happen across online. We use “snag” as a verb here at TechSmith!

Q: Can you tell us about software licensing at TechSmith? How does it work?
The most common license purchased is our per-user license. For example, if you have 25 employees who want to use Snagit, you would need to purchase a 25-user license. In this instance, each user may install the software on up to two computers (e.g. a desktop and laptop, or a home computer and work computer) as long as both are being utilized by the same user and both computers are not in use at the same time. This is considered a valid use of the license which is described in detail under our End-User License Agreement.  All of our End-User License Agreements, or EULAs, are available online or by contacting Sales.
We do offer other licensing options such as site-licenses for those who need a different licensing solution. For further information regarding our other licensing options, please contact our Sales team. We would be more than happy to work on the best solution for you!

Q: What is TechSmith’s upgrade policy?
We offer upgrade pricing to our previous paid customers. A common question we receive is, “Can I still upgrade if I am not on the most recent previous version?” Of course! Even if the last version of Snagit you purchased was Snagit 7, you are still eligible for upgrade pricing for Snagit 11!
For details on our upgrade policies and pricing, check out our Snagit upgrade page or our Camtasia upgrade page.

Q: What is a maintenance agreement and why should a customer purchase one?
Maintenance is a lot like insurance on your license purchase. It is an optional yearly agreement and provides the following benefits:

  • Receive ALL upgrades for no additional charge – both major versions and minor and maintenance updates. During your time of coverage, if we release a new major version, you receive the upgrade FREE!
  • Continue purchasing new users at your total volume discount level! Do you need 10 licenses now, but think you may need another 15 in the future? If you have maintenance on your licenses, you can purchase the additional 15 within the multi-user pricing tier for the new total amount of licenses. In this case, you would go from our 10-24 tier pricing to our 25-99 tier pricing which is a great value!
  • Receive priority technical support via our online platform.
  • We also offer multi-year maintenance agreements! Opting for the multi-year option will save you the time of an annual renewal process and ensure continued maintenance on your license. Not to mention, you’ll receive multiple years at a discount of 20% off the standard maintenance price per year!

Q: What is the best way to purchase software?
I wouldn’t necessarily say there is a “best” way to purchase our software. We understand we have customers all over the world, so we have many convenient options available!

  • To place an order over the phone by credit card, call us at 888-750-0685, Monday – Friday 8:00AM – 7:00PM EST. Outside of the United States and Canada, please dial +1.517.381.5901
  • Order online by using our Web Store
  • If you need to submit a Purchase Order, a PO form or company letterhead can be sent via fax to 1-800-576-7339 (Fax: +1.517.913.6121 outside of the United States & Canada) or email to
    Note: If you would like to submit a PO, please review our Purchase Order requirements.
  • We have many trusted resellers and distributors who sell our products. To find a reseller or distributor in your area, please visit our resellers page.
  • Need a custom price quote? We are more than happy to provide custom prices if required!  To receive a quote, please contact fill out our Sales Contact Form.

Q: How can customers reach Inside Sales if they have a question before they purchase?
Phone: We’re always happy to talk to customers over the phone!  Call us at 888-750-0685. We are available Monday – Friday 8:00AM – 7:00PM EST. Outside of the United States and Canada, please dial +1.517.381.5901.
Email: To contact us via email, fill out the Sales Contact Form. A Sales rep will respond to you as soon as possible!
Chat: We also offer the option of chatting with a Sales Rep online! The chat button can be found both on the main TechSmith Store page and the Contact Sales page. If we are available, the chat button will look like this: 

Sales Chat Icon





We hope that this Q&A with an Inside Sales Specialist has been helpful! We are here to help, before or after a purchase so don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.