You Better Recognize: Gratitude at TechSmith

At TechSmith, we’d like to think that exceptional work does not go unnoticed. In a recent effort to solidify that idea, a new peer recognition reward system has emerged called TSC Recognize.

The TSC Recognize Committee

It all starts with a diverse committee full of TechSmith employees. The team is comprised of representatives from Sales, Marketing, User Assistance, Development, and more. The committee has a couple of unwritten rules and philosophies that guide us:

  • Nothing is sacred: Reviewing and iterations are key in the early part of any project. If things are not working, we do not have to keep them around. This applies to prizes, categories, or anything really.
  • We are entertainers too: Having fun makes it much easier to hook your audience and make a new habit of rewarding your co-workers.
  • Our priority is appreciation: Above all else, we want to make sure that each employee that wins or is nominated knows that their hard work is genuinely appreciated.

The Categories

Currently, we have established five main categories for submissions to fall into. The categories correspond to specific values at TechSmith and are things we want to emphasis and encourage in all of our employees. Of course, there are things that happen that fall outside of this realm and we accept non-conforming nominations as well.

  1. Extra Mile – someone who goes above and beyond, delighting customers (including internal customers).
  2. Cross Contamination – someone who has shown initiative working with individuals across departments to solve problems.
  3. The Closer – someone who has worked to bring a project to fruition and made dreams a reality.
  4. Crash in Flames – someone who has failed with flair and learned something from that failure, sharing it with the larger group.
  5. Out on a Limb – someone who pushes boundaries and takes risks to accomplish a goal.

The Nominations

Take a peak at some of the nominations we have received so far:

“Completely outside of [this employee’s] standard duties, he created an entire curriculum for classes on Camtasia Studio, Camtasia for Mac, Snagit Mac, and Snagit Windows (so, 4 different sets) for a full day of classes that were presented by 20+ people, most of which are not TechSmith employees. This resulted in a full day immersive TechSmith training experience for over 200 customers (not to mention bringing 20 new experienced product trainers into the world)…”

“[This TechSmith employee] is brilliant. But he is also never afraid to admit when he has made a mistake. He’s really great at not only learning from that mistake himself, but sharing that knowledge with others so that they don’t do the same. He isn’t afraid to publicly admit the things we are all thinking. He is a humble soul that we could all learn from…”

“This man is an incredible asset to the Sales Team and TechSmith at large. He is friendly, knowledgeable, energetic, and always willing to help. On many occasions, he will put in extra hours to fix a client issue, set up a webinar, jump in on conference calls, and the list goes on and on. He honestly cares about improving the daily processes we use and has sat with us for hours to watch some of the more painful parts of them. Oh yeah, and he is pretty good at his day job too.”

The Prizes

Much like the categories that were chosen, the committee tried to select a wide array of spoils for each winner. But it would be far too boring to simply let the winners decide on their own prize, so instead they must spin for it in on our virtual prize wheel:

Prize Wheel

All of the selections are coveted, but the most enjoyable outcome for audience members is when a winner lands on the “Mystery Prize” option. So far, my favorite mystery prize has been Perfect Polly.

Along with their prizes and trophies, each winning nominee is invited to attend a “Winners’ Lunch” along with their fellow victors that month.

The Trophies

Completing the trifecta of spoils for the winners of TSC Recognize is our trophies. These trophies were creatively put together, some being handmade, to embody the “spirit” of each nomination category. Below are a couple of examples:

The Show

TSC Recognize Ceremony

The TSC Recognize ceremony takes place once a month during a TechSmith catered Friday lunch. As you might already know, crowd turn out is always better when free food is involved. One of the committee members acts as an emcee and takes the audience through the show. The show includes the revealing of this month’s winners, what they were nominated for, and spinning for their prizes.

We are about seven months in with the TSC Recognize initiative and there have been changes each ceremony, but most importantly, more people than ever at TechSmith are being recognized for their hard work and effort!

Have you had success with peer recognition at your organization? We’d love to hear about it!

Jordan Lyons

Jordan Lyons is an Inside Sales Specialist for the Inside Sales Team at TechSmith.
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