Practice Proper Spoiler Etiquette With 5 New Video, Image Tools

As of this posting, I am currently on page 494 of the third book in the Game of Thrones (or, A Song of Ice and Fire) series.

For those in the know, the TV show just reached a critical point in the story which, I’m assured, will blow my mind. I’m reading frantically to catch up and am desperately trying to avoid spoilers. However, everyone on Facebook and Twitter and the Internet doesn’t care. They want to share memes and reaction videos.

Looking at you, Matt from college.

So, rather than cursing the air they breathe, we wanted to share a few tips on how you can keep your friends and post spoilers too:

1.) Give people a big, obnoxious visual heads up that their day is about to be ruined if they read further.

Right click and save the image above to share.

2.) Sharing a spoilery image? Slap something over the picture to block it from the casual observer.

Download the square spoiler alert image here.

3.) For those who love reaction videos (like all of these), throw in a quick clip before to notify viewers that things are about to get real.

Download the MP4 above here or as a Camtasia Studio 8 asset.

4.) Redirect your urge to spoil others and buy the t-shirt below to wear around the house. That way, you can get your fix by spoiling all the classics instead of lashing out on Facebook.

5.) Don’t be a jerk[, Matt from college].

Right click and save any of the images below to share – they’re great for Facebook!

And seriously, don’t mention Game of Thrones around me or I’ll rain the full force of R’hllor upon you. It is known.

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