In 2013 I resolve to…

UPDATE: See the resolutions video and the winners of our drawing on this post!

As you look ahead to 2013…what resolutions do you have?

Share them with us and we’ll make a video to ring in the new year! And we’ll even do a random drawing from among everyone who participates and give away some fun TechSmith swag!

It’s easy!

someecards - I hope the world ends in 2012Simply fill in the blank with your own 2013 new year’s resolution and we’ll do the rest!
In 2013 I resolve to _____.

You could simply type your response as a text comment on this blog post, post it on our Facebook page, or mention us @TechSmith. However, we would love it if you got creative! Here are some ideas to get the wheels turning…

  • Post a link to a screencast of yourself typing out your response on your screen.
  • Post an image with a caption or speech bubble. Feel free to use our free 30-day trial of Snagit if you need image editing software.
  • Post a link to a video. We would love it if you use Jing or Camtasia, but of course you are free to use any software!

A few short rules

  • If you choose video as a medium, please keep it to 10 seconds or less and use dimensions of 1280 x 720. (That will allow us to get more people in the video and keep everything tidy.)
  • If you use Twitter, make sure to use hashtag: #tsresolve
  • Deadline for submissions is Dec 31, 2012

We will combine as many user-submitted resolutions as we can into a nifty video for early January. To help you get the creative juices flowing, here is a sampling from our very own marketing staff here at TechSmith:

Can’t see the video? Watch it on YouTube.