[UPDATED] Watch 48 in 24 videos: Tips, interviews, behind the scenes

Update: We added links to all the videos.


We’re locking ourselves into the studio for 24 hours straight, to record 48 interviews that will help you become a better screencaster and visual communicator…and will give you an inside look at the people who make the magic at TechSmith.

We’ve lined up a lot of great guests (see the schedule below!), from industry experts to customers to TechSmithies. During each 30-minute slot, we’ll spend part of the time connecting with each guest and fielding questions. Then we’ll get down to business and record a 5-10 minute segment that will live on our YouTube channel. But you can tune in to the live stream any time to go behind the scenes inside the studio and ask questions!

Schedule: February 27-28 (all times ET)

Chris_BawdenChris Bawden

Watch: Analytics and SEO

Cait_RyanCait Ryan (@caitrb)

Watch: Innovation at TechSmith

Luke_SchnoebelenLuke Schnoebelen (@schneby)
Technical training facilitator at Shook, Hardy & Bacon

Watch: Bacon and sporks

Peter_GillbergPeter Gillberg (@gillberg)
Owner of Softwarecasa.com and marketing consultant

Watch: Callouts, resources for video and presentations

Brian_NeudorffBrian Neudorff (@nascar_wxman)
Unofficial NASCAR meteorologist and chief meteorologist for KMVT-TV in Twin Falls, ID

Brad_PanovichBrad Panovich (@wxbrad)
Chief meteorologist at WCNC-NBC TV in Charlotte, NC

Watch: Tweeterologists Thousands of people used Twitter to follow severe weather developments during the recent winter storms in the southern United States and the Daytona 500 race. We’ll talk with two “Tweeteorologists” about how they use visual and social tools for weather forecasting.

Robert RisdonRobert Risdon
Technical support agent at TechSmith

Parker_HotchkissParker Hotchkiss
Senior support specialist at TechSmith

Watch: Behind the scenes at tech support

Mari_SmithMari Smith (@marismith | Facebook page)
Facebook marketing expert, speaker, and author
Watch: Using visuals well on social channels

Sue_WatersPam Murray
Software test specialist at TechSmith

Jess_LancasterJess Lancaster (@jessclancaster)
Development manager at TechSmith

Watch: Snagit for software testing
Sergio_VillegasSergio Villegas (@coach_sv)
Educational technology coordinator at NapaLearns
Watch: How I overcame the laws of physics with help from TechSmith, supporting teachers, students, and administrators with screencasting

Bill HamiltonBill Hamilton
President of TechSmith 
Watch: TechSmith and the future: Conversations with the President of TechSmith

Lee_LaFeverLee LeFever (@leelefever)
Founder of Common Craft and author of The Art of Explanation – Making Your Ideas, Products and Services Easier to Understand.
Watch: The Art of Explanation with Lee LeFever

Josh_HolnagelJosh Holnagel (@hohoholnagel | Google +)
Instructional designer at TechSmith
Watch: Getting Started with Snagit for Google Chrome

Ashlie SmithAshlie Smith (@smithsciencegms)
Science instructor at Cranbrook Educational Community
Watch: ScreenChamp Winner in Education

Randy_SchottRandy Schott
Developer on Snagit for Google Chrome
Watch: Using visual communication in software development & Snagit for Google Chrome

Ewen_RankinEwen Rankin (@ewenrankin)
Senior Partner at The Silent Partner
Watch: Podcasting and Screencasting with TechSmith and Getting Good Audio”

Richard_CampbellRichard Campbell
Associate Professor of Accounting at University of Rio Grande
Watch: Supporting accounting ebooks with Camtasia video

Erika_SmithErika Smith
Instructional designer at TechSmith

Watch: Instructional Design at TechSmith

Claude_DesForgesClaude Des Forges (@claudedesforges)
ScreenChamp Award 2013 winner
Watch: Winner of Two ScreenChamp Awards & using kinetic text

Rory_HoolRory Hool (@hoolr)
Software engineer at TechSmith
Watch: Coach’s Eye mobile app from TechSmith

Brian_CheeBrian Chee (@advnetlab)
Senior contributing editor for InfoWorld & IT specialist at University of Hawaii at Manoa
Watch: The challenges of scientific visualization

Terry_BrockTerry Brock (@TerryBrock)
Social media marketing keynote speaker, speaker hall of fame, author Klout Matters
Watch: Communication skills for today’s professionals

Lisa_CookeLisa Louise Cooke (@LisaCooke)
Author and host of The Genealogy Gems podcast
Watch: Using Video to build a small business and how visual communication can be used in Genealogy

Dewey_HouDewey Hou
Vice president of product development at TechSmith
Watch: Snagit hidden gems and productivity boosters

Rick_ClausRick Claus
Senior technical evangelist at Microsoft
Watch: Using ever pixel. Setting up your Camtasia capture system for ultimate storytelling

James_AndersonJames Anderson(@jrandersoniii)
Global Training Manager, Restaurant Technology Services LLC, a Xerox Company
Watch: Screencasting and Screencast Camp

Kern_KelleyKern Kelley (@KernKelley)
Educational Technologist at R.S.U.
Watch: Students as tech support

Sue_WatersSue Waters (@suewaters)
Edublogs Support Manager
Watch: Beginning blog tips

Walter_PelowskiWalter Pelowski (@Pelowski)
Customer solutions engineer at TechSmith
Watch: How to make great email responses in Outlook or Gmail using Snagit

Troy_SteinTroy Stein (@TroyStein)
Solutions architect at TechSmith
Watch: Where’s TechSmith heading and why

Alice_KeelerAlice Keeler (@Alice Keeler)
Teacher on special assignment at ACEL Fresno Charter High School
Watch: Using social media to grow your personal learning network

Paul_MiddlinPaul Middlin (@Paul Middlin)
Software architect at TechSmith
Watch: Evolution of Snagit

Tony_MaddenTony Maden (@Training_Bites)
Helping clients create Training Bites—recycling expertise thru how-to videos & more
Watch: Giving the best feedback by documenting first reactions

Brian_BennettBrian Bennett 
Customer solutions for education at TechSmith
Watch: Making custom sketch-motion callouts

Matt_KaneMatt Kane (@MK_10K)
Editorial Lead, Consumer Operations, Google
Watch: Educational music videos

Akemi TanigawaAkemi Tanigawa
TechSmith Japan
Watch: Localizing and Translating screencasts

Fer_ONeilFer ONeil (@ferswriteshoe)
Technical writer at ESET
Watch: Making support videos and differences from instructional videos

Francis Joseph SerinaFrancis Joseph Serina (@xeratol)
Game programmer and teacher
Watch: Philippines ScreenChamp – People’s Choice Winner

Axel_BeckerAxel Becker (@axelbecker)
Designer, trainer and screencaster
Watch: Tips from a German Camtasia Trainer

Jason_EaglestonJason Eagleston (@jasoneagleston)
Product owner at TechSmith
Watch: Snagit and the software development backlog…how we deal with it

Martin_GlanertMartin Glanert (@martin_m)
Social media innovation
Watch: German Maven – Using Camtasia to record Prezi

Jason_ValadeJason Valade (@jay2thavee)
Innovation strategist at TechSmith
Watch: Moving from Education to Technology

Andy Metcalfe (@AndyMetcalf)
Director at Maxim PR
Watch: Recording sprint demos for consumption across a global business

Mike_CurtisMike Curtis
Educational Technologist
Watch: Never Been Easier: Chromakey (Green Screen Effect) with an iPad, Fuse, and Camtasia


Nate Gray
Technical Support Specialist
Watch: Audio Recording Tips

Pierre_GorissenPierre Gorissen (@peterMcAllister)
Senior consultant at Fontys University
Watch: Recording videos with Camtasia

Stephanie_WarnhoffStephanie Warnhoff (@slwarnhoff)
Market research analyst at TechSmith
Watch: TechSmith viewer study research

Stewart_MiltonStewart Milton (@StewartMilton)
CEO of BlueOrange
Watch: Training Organizations and lessons learned from a trainer in the UK

DrRoland_RiosDr. Roland Rios (@drrios)
Director of technology at Fort Sam Houston Independent School District
Watch: Students teaching teachers technology

Andy_WalkerAndy Walker (@andywalker)
Tech expert
Watch: Snagit fiend, camera presence, and a baby