Tune in – We’re Making 48 Videos in 24 Hours

48 in 24 LogoUPDATE: All 48 videos are now available for viewing.

Remember, back in school, when you’d pull an all-nighter and try to learn and cram as much information in 24 hours as you possibly could? Well, we’re going to do that on February 27th at TechSmith! We’re going to pull an all-nighter and make videos to share our tips and tricks with you, show you the people who work at TechSmith, and give you some insider tips on being better visual communicators.

This isn’t the first time we’ve done something crazy like this. This will be the fifth time I’ve pulled an all-nighter at TechSmith to make lots of videos for you. And, since we’ve already done 24 videos in 24 hours several times before, I wanted to do something different. This time we’re going to do 48 videos in 24 hours!

And, to make 48 videos in 24 hours, I’ll need your help. I want to show off your tips and tricks and stories about how you’re using TechSmith products.  If you’d like to volunteer to be in one of our videos, please fill out this formIt will be painless, I promise. Most videos will run between 3 – 10 minutes. You just need to have a webcam, microphone and good internet connection.

These will not be formal training videos – you can find those in our Learning Center. We wanted to have fun, have you ‘meet’ people at TechSmith, plus give you some insider tips and tricks and show you how we use TechSmith products.

Mark your calendars to tune in on February 27 starting at 9:00am EST! Join us online and learn with us and our guests, chat with us, and help keep me awake! You can tune in here!