TechSmith AppShow – A Better Way to Show Off and Record iOS Apps

Have you ever wished for an easier way to capture what you see on your mobile device?

We have, too.

Which is one reason we’re so excited to be building TechSmith AppShow, a new software product for Mac that will make it easier than ever to create screencasts of iOS devices.

The first users of AppShow will likely be iOS developers and designers making brief demos for the App Store. But, over time, we expect everyone will use it. Trainers will show employees how to use mobile apps. Marketers will tease their app’s upcoming features. Educators will share practical ideas for how to use apps in the classroom. And gamers will capture and post a million more “Let’s Plays.

Why now? What changed?

Before now, the “least worst” methods of capturing the screen of an iOS device were hardware or streaming workarounds. They tended to be expensive, technical, or laggy—and sometimes all three!

This all changed when Apple introduced a fully-supported iOS screen capture method at WWDC in June. With iOS 8 and Mac OS X Yosemite (now in beta, expected this fall), anyone will be able to capture their device screen directly to a Mac to record iOS Apps, with pixel-perfect clarity and smooth motion.

Apple opened up this capability so that iOS developers could create 30-second app preview videos, which will show up in the App Store alongside the app screenshots. These videos will help developers stand out in a crowded marketplace…but, as you know, making a great video is much harder than making a great screenshot.

How is TechSmith AppShow different?

Knowing that developers are experts at building apps but not necessarily at marketing or media production, we set out to reinvent the video creation process.

Where a typical timeline editor expects that you’ve done a lot of pre-production planning before ever hitting record, AppShow makes the process feel effortless. More like dropping elements into place than starting from a blank slate.

TechSmith AppShow Recording Templates

For the specific task of making app preview videos for the App Store, we’ve baked in video best practices and Apple guidelines to help ensure that the videos pass Apple review and get posted to the store on the first try.

Does AppShow play well with Camtasia?

Let’s face it, sometimes you do need to get down to the nitty gritty and edit frame by frame. Or maybe you’ll want to combine screen capture footage with camera video to produce a bigger project. So we’re making it easy to move a project from AppShow onto the timeline in Camtasia for Mac.

It’s also likely that we’ll build into Camtasia for Mac the ability to capture the mobile screen directly as a video source, much the same way we support webcam capture today.

The point? We intend both AppShow and Camtasia for Mac to be useful on their own…but even better together.

TechSmith AppShow - Better Together with Camtasia

When can I start using AppShow?

If you’re like me, you’re saying to yourself: “sounds all fine and dandy but when can I get my hands on this thing to see if it really meets my needs?”

We are working quickly to get a beta version out in advance of iOS 8. The focus of that release will be supporting the creation of 30-second app preview videos.

If you sign up, we will keep you posted on progress and share examples of app videos from time to time. We’ve been reaching out to a number of app developers, marketers, support teams and more to demo the prototype and get early feedback, so don’t be surprised if we contact you individually about that too.

We’re having a great time building AppShow and look forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions for making it another product worthy of the TechSmith name!

Update 8/18: See our infographic “How to Arrive at a Great App Preview video