Better together: New apps and features for collaborating across devices

The world of work and learning has changed. You move between more screens and connect with more people than ever before. You have the desire to create and collaborate…but sometimes it can feel like frustration and chaos rather than productivity and flow.

At TechSmith, we’re making a new commitment: to help you derive real benefit from all those devices and connection points. We think it’s possible for you…your devices…and your collaborators to be better together.

Today, we’re launching the first round of new apps, features, and integrations to begin to deliver on that promise. It’s tempting to dive right into the details but I hope you’ll first spare a couple of minutes to catch the spirit of what we’re up to…

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TechSmith Fuse app for iOS and Android

Today’s best visual content blends screen capture, camera, and graphical elements. And now there’s an easier way to inject real-world visuals into your projects.

Use the new TechSmith Fuse app to push photos and videos from your smartphone directly into Snagit and Camtasia for editing. The files are transferred over your WiFi network rather than via the Internet…so it’s both secure and surprisingly swift! See it in action and watch a tutorial.

How to get it

The Fuse app is free; you can download it now for iOS or Android.

(Requires the latest version of Snagit or Camtasia in English on either Mac or Windows)

TechSmith Fuse app

Google Drive integration

Who has time to mess with files and attachments any more? Effortless sharing has become the norm.

Now you can collaborate around your visual content by downloading images and videos from Google Drive into Snagit and Camtasia…and uploading back into Drive. You can share that folder with people and use Google’s commenting features to have conversations about the content. See it in action…

How to get it

If you’re already using Snagit or Camtasia on Windows or Mac (English only), open the software and click Help > Check for Updates. The update is free for anyone on the latest major version.

If you’re not using the products yet, grab a free, fully-functional trial of Snagit or Camtasia.

Google Drive for Snagit and Camtasia

TechSmith Snagit for Google Chrome

Please welcome a new addition to the Snagit family! Your favorite screen capture and image editing tool is now available for Chromebooks and the Chrome browser on Windows and Mac desktops.

Just like any new addition, Snagit for Google Chrome will grow and develop new abilities over time…but for now you get screen capture (image only) of browser-based content, basic editing (markup and text annotation), automatic synching across devices with Google Drive, and quick sharing via a shortened URL. See more details…

How to get it

Snagit for Google Chrome is free; open your Chrome browser or Chromebook and install both the app and the extension from the Chrome web store.

TechSmith Snagit for Google Chrome

What next?

This truly is just the beginning. We’ve already got teams hard at work planning and creating the next building blocks. But it’s been a challenge to get started on phase two before we’ve shipped and gotten substantial feedback on phase one. So please do share your thoughts with us. 

  • What’s your biggest frustration when working between devices and across platforms?
  • What one thing would make your more productive?
  • Who do you collaborate with most, and what makes that easy or difficult?

You can comment here or in our feedback forum. You can chat us up on Twitter or Google+ or any number of other channels. We’re eager to hear from you, so that we can be sure we’re building the right things. After all, we’re better together!