Camtasia Studio discount on upgrades

Last chance! Save $50 on your Camtasia Studio 8 upgrade

Camtasia Studio discount on upgradesIf you’ve been intending to upgrade to Camtasia Studio 8…now’s the time.

Our $50 discount on upgrades ends September 18. So if you like saving money, take advantage of the Camtasia Studio upgrade offer today.

Why upgrade? Your viewers will benefit

For those still undecided about spending the $99 to get on the latest version, there are lots of good reasons for giving it some serious thought. The most important reason is that Camtasia Studio 8 helps you make the kind of videos your viewers love to watch. The web is cluttered with videos, all competing for your viewers’ attention. For $99 you get a tool that helps your content cut through the clutter.

Two quick examples of what I’m talking about, both made with Camtasia Studio 8…

CS8 example: Classroom introduction video

Math teacher Graham Johnson  needed a way to introduce parents to his flipped classroom approach and set their expectations for the school year. As he explains in a post on his blog,

“Rather than doing an email or a newsletter I elected to create a video. As I learned the hard way with my initial flip videos if they are not short and to the point you can lose the viewer. I tried to keep it short and also bring some interactivity to it to personalize the experience.”

This is Mr. Johnson’s first crack at an interactive video; think of the possibilities for engaging YOUR audience!

Can’t see the embedded video? Watch on!

CS8 example: Marketing video

PCRecruiter needed to give customers and potential customers a look at the new version of their job applicant tracking software. Camtasia Studio 8 let them combine screen video, screenshots, graphics, music, and text in ways simply not possible with earlier versions of Camtasia Studio. This style of video feels sophisticated—with its layered video, subtle movement, and smooth transitions—but is easily within reach of the average Camtasia Studio 8 user.

Can’t see the embedded video? Watch on YouTube!

Why upgrade? Expand your video toolkit

If you haven’t had time to dig into all the new stuff in Camtasia Studio 8, we’ve got a number of videos that will get you acquainted. This one vividly demonstrates eight new or enhanced features in a little under 4 minutes.

8 new things about Camtasia Studio 8

  1. Smooth as silk screen recording with TSC2 (brand new encoding engine)
  2. Multi-track timeline = creativity unleashed!
  3. New and improved transitions (yes both!)
  4. Animate anything
  5. Video effects make your content POP
  6. Library themes make you a design genius
  7. Quizzing – Measure your content’s effectiveness
  8. TechSmith Smart Player is everywhere

Can’t see the embedded video? Watch it on YouTube!

What’s new webinar

If you want a deeper dive…spend an hour of quality time with the Camtasia product manager, Shane Lovellette, and lead developer, Dave O’Rourke, in the replay of our recent webinar. You’ll understand just how deep the changes to Camtasia Studio were in this release. (Fun fact: we entertained the idea of changing the name of the product instead of using a version number, because it was such a dramatic rewrite of the product.)

Can’t see the embedded video? Watch it on YouTube!

And if all those reasons don’t convince you to upgrade…consider what the people using and reviewing it have to say.

Why upgrade? You don’t want to miss out on the party!

“No longer just the best screen-capture program around, Camtasia Studio 8 is now to all intents and purposes a full-featured video editor.” Matt Egan, PC Advisor

“Camtasia 8’s price means it isn’t a casual purchase, but for producing the best possible quality videos and learning materials, it’s worth every penny.” Jonathan Bray, PC Pro

“I highly recommend the new Camtasia Studio 8! The new version is solid and comes with lots of new functionality to accomplish any project you throw at it.” R Jacquez, M-Learning Revolution

“I don’t know about others, but I also use CS for video editing. I could use Vegas, but I find for quick videos, it is way faster to use CS.” — Unicus

“Have you tried Camtasia Studio 8?, it’s brilliant :)” — Purav (@PDTechHD)

“Camtasia8 is awesome Faster rendering, no lag when doing so and smooth recording It has all the things I wish 7 had Thank you @CamtasiaTips” —Christopher Mc Auley (@ChristopherM05)

So what do you think? Will YOU grab the upgrade discount before it ends on September 18?