Changing the Game… Welcome Coach’s Eye!

At TechSmith, I can guarantee to you that we’re always working on something new. I’m happy to share with you something exciting we’ve been cooking up. Welcome the newest app to the TechSmith family, Coach’s Eye!

What is Coach’s Eye? It’s a new iOS 5 application for the iPhone and iPod touch. It’s an app that provides coaches, athletes and parents a way to capture, analyze and share athletic performance on video using their iPhone or iPod touch. You can provide instant feedback to an athlete!

Rather than me talking about it, check out this video of Coach’s Eye in action.

Some key features of Coach’s Eye include:

  • Digital Flywheel: Coaches can jump directly to precise points of interest by spinning the unique digital flywheel either forward or reverse.
  • Slow motion, frame-by-frame review and analysis: Coaches can more precisely explain plays, review form, fine-tune mechanics and more by slowing everything down.
  • Drawing on videos: Coaches can complement videos with telestrator shapes and lines, the same way sportscasters break down and analyze plays.
  • Output to free hosting on Coaches can keep all of the reviews they’ve completed, so they can refer back and replay them for others.
  • Immediate video compositing: Coaches’ narration, drawing and replay are compressed into a single review on the device, eliminating the time delay between video capture and feedback delivery.
  • Built to maximize iOS 5 functionality: AirPlay mirroring enables coaches to output content from their device to a television without using cables to utilize the footage in the film room, and device notifications prevent updates from interrupting other device activity.
  • And, Coach’s Eye is useful for more than just sports videos. We’ve been using the app for making videos about a variety of topics from an office tour to an informative video about how to properly use chopsticks. Check it out our Education Evangelist, Dave McCollom’s video below about chopsticks. The possibilities for Coach’s Eye are endless. 🙂

    Useful links for learning more about Coach’s Eye:

    As always, I can’t wait to see what you create and hear your feedback. How will you use it?