Exciting Announcement: Coach’s Eye is now on Android!

Coach's Eye Android Launch

We are very excited to announce that the wait is over….Coach’s Eye is now available on Android! Download it in Google Play and discover all of your favorite Coach’s Eye functionality on your Andriod tablet or phone.

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What Android devices will Coach’s Eye run on?

Coach’s Eye for Android device requirements:

  • Operating System – 2.3.3
  • Requires a rear-facing camera

Will Coach’s Eye Android have the same features as Coach’s Eye for iOS?

There are some differences, but we think that Android users will be really happy with this version. We tried to recreate as much of the Coach’s Eye core functionality on Android as we could in this first version.

Things currently not in Coach’s Eye for Android:

  • Explore tab for viewing videos around the world
  • Open in Coach’s Eye import option from video page

It is no surprise that Android was the biggest request that we had for Coach’s Eye by far. We heard every request and took each one to heart. If you are an app developer you probably know that there are some significant differences with the different platforms. We were lucky enough to have a super talented and dedicated team at TechSmith that was willing to take on the challenge of creating the Android version. This team put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this effort to make sure that you and the rest of the Android market got something you would love. We are really proud of the app that was created for the initial version and commend the team on this achievement.

What’s next for Coach’s Eye?

The Coach’s Eye team and TechSmith take every request very seriously. We would love to hear your thoughts on what else you would like to see from us. We want to hear it…whether it is feedback about the Android release, feature requests for Coach’s Eye, or suggestions for other products that would help you out in any way.

Want to try Coach’s Eye on Apple iOS? Find it in the App store.

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