Coach’s Eye video analysis app comes to Windows 8.1


Over the past couple of years, TechSmith’s video app for capturing and analyzing athletic performance has been massively popular on iOS and Android. Coach’s Eye makes it easy to give instant, visual feedback on or off the field.

Not only is Coach’s Eye being used by coaches, athletes, and Olympians…but by phys-ed teachers, marching bands, dancers and many others. The app makes it easy to:

  • capture or import a video clip
  • narrate and draw over the video, analyze it in slow motion, and even compare videos side-by-side
  • easily share your analysis as a video

And today Coach’s Eye is also available on computers and devices running Windows 8.1!

Buy Coach's Eye now in the Windows Store!

Buy it now – $1.99 for a limited time

Note: our introductory discount is too good to last; after January 13 the price for Coach’s Eye on Windows will be $19.99…so grab your copy now!

Get a first look at Coach’s Eye for Windows in this video.

Can’t see the embedded video? Watch it on YouTube.

If you’re just getting started with Coach’s Eye, you may also want to spend a few moments with our tutorial videos. We’ve tried to anticipate some questions we know we’ll be asked…but feel free to post a comment or question and we’ll do our best to respond. You can also contact the Coach’s Eye team directly via social channels.



Q: What is the minimum operating system requirement for the app on Windows 8.1?

A: Coach’s Eye requires Windows 8.1 or later. It will also work on Windows RT devices.

Q: Will Coach’s Eye work on my desktop/laptop with Windows 8.1?

A: Yes, Coach’s Eye will work on your Windows 8.1 desktop or laptop.

Q: Will it work on Windows Phones? 

A: It will not work on Windows Phones. Windows Phones use a different operating system. It is on our radar, though!

Q: Can I buy Coach’s Eye for Windows outside the United States?

A: Yes, you can buy it anywhere in the world that you can order from the Windows Store. The price will be converted to your local currency.

Q: Why are some things different on Windows 8.1 versus iOS or Android?

A: One of the biggest differences is the user interface. We’ve made it so that Coach’s Eye for Windows 8.1 fits into the Windows 8.1 operating system.

You’ll also notice that there is no Explore tab. We didn’t forget! We’re already working on our next slice, so stay tuned.

Q: Why is the Windows 8.1 version more expensive?

A: Functionality on laptops/desktops and surface tablets requires added support expenses and additional resources for the Coach’s Eye team.

Q: Are there any video import restrictions?

A: Coach’s Eye for Windows 8.1 will only accept videos in these formats: .mp4, .wmv, .mov, .avi.

Q: Can I see if a share is successful?

A: In the gallery view, if you swipe down from the top, there is a “Shared” icon that will come up. That takes you to a shared view, where you can see the videos you have shared.