End November with a stache!

Last year a handful of TechSmithies formed the Coach’s Eye team to take on the audacious goal of disrupting the world of athletics by putting high-tech video analysis tools into the hands (and pockets) of coaches and players at every level.

Now they are taking on the audacious goal of giving $5,000 to cancer charities and just need to hit 5,000 likes by the end of November to do it! Please help by clicking the button below to “like” the Coach’s Eye Facebook page. (Not showing up? Visit and like the page.)

Legendary Mustaches of Sports History - Movember Campaign

Free Mustache Stamps for Snagit

Movember (a portmanteau of moustache and November) is an annual charity event where men grow moustaches for 30 days to “change the face of men’s health”.

Since not all of us are blessed with an abundance of facial hair—or loved ones who would put up with its being left to grow—we thought it would be fun to bring you an official Snagit moustache kit. Please use the power of the stache responsibly, or not.

Download mustache stamps

Download mustache stamps for Snagit (Win or Mac)
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Speaking of audacity…I decided to try out these cool, new stamps on the TechSmith executive team. A badass bunch, wouldn’t you agree?


I guess we’ll see if I still have a job when I come in to work tomorrow. 🙂 I did use Snagit to create the image, so that might score me some points. Here are a few tips if you want to try a similar stunt.

I googled for “filmstrip template” to find a .png with transparency, which I then saved as a file and opened in Snagit on Windows…necessary to preserve the transparent openings. The photos got a posterize effect of 5 or 6 (Image tab > Filters > Posterize). You could also try a grayscale effect. Snagit 2 on Mac now has some filters, as well.

One person (Doug, bottom right) had his head tilted a bit too much for the level stache, so I applied the stamp to a blank image with transparent background, flattened and rotated it (yeah, no stamp rotation in Snagit on Windows but you can +1 the request!) and then dragged it onto his pic.

Similarly, once each filmstrip composite was done, I saved as an editable .snag file and then as a .png, flattened the .png, rotated it, then created a new image and dragged both filmstrips onto it. It sounds like a lot of work, but probably the most time-consuming part of the whole project was choosing the perfect stache for each victim!

Have fun with the stamps and don’t forget to like the Coach’s Eye page for a good cause!