Holiday Shenanigans and a Sale


If your family is like mine, the holidays aren’t just about relaxing with family. You can pretty much count on some crazy stuff to go down. My family still tells stories about the time we started out shovelling the shed roof and ended up sledding off of it. The year we built fireworks from black powder and chocolate eggs. The Great Marshmallow Gun Wars of 2002. So, yeah, my family is Yooper on both sides. But no doubt you do some crazy things…or at least see some crazy things when you get the relatives under one roof.

And now—for the first time in the history of the universe—you can use Coach’s Eye to capture and review those moments in glorious slow-motion detail! What better way to relive your Wii Tennis domination…help your neice hone her Black Friday survival skills…critique your cousin’s shameful performance in the backyard Turkey Bowl.

This holiday season, we invite you to share your own shenanigan videos, and see some of ours!

Here’s how to join in the fun:

  1. Get the Coach’s Eye app on your iOS 5 device
  2. Capture and review key moments during the holidays
  3. Post your videos to YouTube or
  4. Share the link with everyone!
    Tweet it with hashtag #holidayshenanigans, post it on Facebook & tag @coachseye, or WUPHF it at us.
  5. Visit the hashtag or Facebook wall to see what others are sharing.

We’ll pick the videos that make us laugh the hardest and share them with you here on the blog.

To make it even easier to post your own shenanigan video, Coach’s Eye is just $1.99 (60% off!) from November 23 through November 27. Grab it in the App Store. (Sale begins 12:01am ET 11/23 and ends 11:59pm ET 11/27.)

Can’t think of anything worth sharing? Here are a dozen ideas to get you started:

  1. Uncle Bert slipping into a food coma
  2. Tree-decorating do’s & don’ts
  3. Cheating at the wishbone pull
  4. Turkey Bowl highlights
  5. Things that only happen on Black Friday
  6. Family meets a new girlfriend/boyfriend
  7. Grandpa’s patented turkey carving technique
  8. Uh oh, they’re arguing about politics again
  9. Mom burns it up on Kinect Dance Central 2
  10. Fresh crop of holiday sweaters
  11. Armchair quarterback the armchair quarterbacks 
  12. Beard gravy

If you lack an iOS device or have more inspiration than opportunity…share ideas you’d like to see on the hashtag or Facebook wall!

And please get permission from family members before posting videos…you don’t want to end up on anyone’s naughty list.

Enjoy the holidays…and bring on the tomfoolery!

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