Make Amazing Video with the New Camtasia!

Video is everywhere. Nowadays it is not enough to just create any old video. Your video needs to grab the attention of your audience, keep them engaged, and drive them to take action! So when we started work on this version of Camtasia we had one thing in mind: how can we empower people to make amazing video?

We are excited to announce that the new Camtasia is finally here! With this release, we brought together the best of Camtasia Studio and Camtasia for Mac, and added new ways to help you create amazing, engaging content. The result is a powerful video creation tool that does not sacrifice the ease of use you have come to expect from TechSmith.


Camtasia Studio and Camtasia for Mac are now simply Camtasia

One of the most exciting changes made to Camtasia is that a single license now allows you to install Camtasia on both the Windows and Mac operating systems. Regardless of the platform you choose, you will now enjoy a unified user interface and workflow. Camtasia has a fresh, modern look that puts everything right at your fingertips.




We have added popular Windows features like Grouping and Quizzing to Mac. Additionally, this release includes the highly requested cross-platform project compatibility. With the new Camtasia project file (.tscproj) you can finally collaborate on Camtasia projects between Windows and Mac.

Performance Enhancements

As video resolutions become higher and more detailed, file sizes will increase. In order to better handle larger video file sizes, Camtasia is now a 64-bit application. This provides a more powerful overall editing experience, including smoother preview playback. With the performance upgrade to 64-bit, you will spend less time waiting for your project to render and can spend more time creating engaging content.


Camtasia drag & drop


All new motion effects, called Behaviors, bring the power of animating text, images, and video in seconds with drag and drop ease.

Camtasia Behaviors animated GIF

Video Assets

Camtasia now includes specially created video elements. Choose from new animated backgrounds, music tracks, icons, lower thirds, intro slides, and more! Whether you are creating training or educational content, product overviews, marketing videos, or anything in between, you will look great from the very first video you create.

More assets are available for download from our website. Or add more elements from our Asset Marketplace, so you’ll always have fresh assets to choose from.

Additional updates

During the development of the new Camtasia, we listened to many of the suggestions that you have asked for to make your video creation process even better. These are a few of the additional enhancements included in this release:

  • Updated callouts: The callouts and annotations have been updated with a flat design and several style families so you look current, polished, and coordinated.
  • Full canvas editing: We have enabled the ability to drag and drop anything directly into the preview window and arrange it exactly as you desire.
  • Color and visual effects: Make color adjustments with brightness, contrast, saturation to correct for different video sources or to add visual effect.
  • Animated GIF support: Import animated GIFs to get even more value out of your existing content you have created.
  • New properties panel that allows you to have precise control of every element in your video.
  • Pop-out the preview window for use on a second monitor to maximize your workspace.
  • Quizzing enhancements: Now, you can get feedback for each individual question. Additionally, you can provide a link to point in the video or another resource.

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Get Started Today!

If you have an existing license of Camtasia Studio or Camtasia for Mac, you can upgrade to the new Camtasia for only $99.50 USD – see upgrade details here.

Try the new version of Camtasia free for 30 days! Click here to start your free trial.

How do you plan to make amazing video with the new Camtasia? What new features are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below.

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