Plan an Information Jailbreak with TechSmith at ASTD International

There is knowledge trapped in your organization. It’s stuck in pockets and silos, and it’s keeping you from accomplishing your mission. As a training professional going to ASTD International, chances are pretty good that you’re looking for ways to set that knowledge free.

Training is changing. Instead of being the source for learning in an organization, training professionals are now responsible for championing peer-driven training and learning. In order to be successful, it’s absolutely necessary to lower the transactional cost of transmitting knowledge in your organization.

How do you do that? At TechSmith, we think one of the answers is to switch to a “show, don’t tell” model of learning. Have the experts in your organization share what they know using simple recording tools that don’t require the ramp up time of more complicated learning authoring tools. This creates a new sets of problems, though. How do you gather and distribute all that knowledge? And then how do you measure your success?

As TechSmith’s User Assistance Manager, I run into these problems every day. Not only am I responsible for helping our customers with these problems, I’m on front lines of the fight to make sure that TechSmith is a learning organization that doesn’t build knowledge silos. I’m going to be attending ASTD International May 5th-7th, and I’d love to talk about how this shift in training has affected your organization and created entirely new problems for training professionals to solve. Stop by the TechSmith booth and we can talk about how your organization is working through these questions, and the strategies we use at TechSmith to set trapped knowledge free.

Matt Dyer

Matt is an informational developer who is as interested in technology as he is in grammar. His favorite punctuation mark is the semi-colon.