ScreencastCamp 2013 Session Content

What is ScreencastCamp?

For those who are wondering, “What the heck is a ScreencastCamp?” ScreencastCamp is where screencasters from all over the country gather to network, learn, and collaborate to grow as screencasters. The un-conference event is setup in a way that allows the participants to pick topics, lead the discussion on that topic, and share knowledge in sessions. The event boosts learning with an open environment. If you love making screencasts and learning about technology, but was not able to attend any sessions this year, this blog post will prove to be a valuable resource for you.

Camtasia Tips and Tricks

Creating Re-usable Templates in Camtasia
  Troy Stein @troystein

  • Troy presents how to create re-usable templates in Camtasia. Two demos for each platform, Windows and Mac. Show Notes

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Monetizing Camtasia Content
  Richard Campbell  

  • Learn the secrets to getting discovered and paid for your content. Show Notes.

Camtasia 101 for Newbies
  Dave O’Rourke 

  • This detailed presentation will give you all the info needed to get you started with your Camtasia projects. Show Notes.

Camtasia Audio
  Karl Schulte and Rob Graham @robwgraham 

  • Everything you need to know about audio in one presentation. Show Notes.

Green Screen in Camtasia
  Scott Skibell @ScottSkibell

  • Awesome tips and tricks for using green screen in Camtasia in the presentation below. Check it out. Show notes

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Snagit vs. Camtasia
  Mike Gruszynski @G6Studios

  • Mike explains the benefits of both programs and how people are using them to complete projects. Show Notes.

What’s New in Camtasia Studio 8.1
  Jacob Anderson 

  • This presentation covers the need-to-know new features in Camtasia. Show Notes.

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Crazy Animations in Camtasia
  Anton Bollen @antonbollen 

  • If you’re looking to learn about some powerful animation tricks in Camtasia, this is the presentation for you. Show Notes.

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Camtasia + Articulate
  Richard Campbell 

  • Richard talks about the value of using Articulate Studio and explains a bit about the story-line behind the software. Show Notes.

Interactive Features of Camtasia
  Andrea Perry @andrea_perry

  • This presentation dives into hot-spots and quizzing features in Camtasia. Show Notes.

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Camtasia Relay: Lecture Capture
  Clint Hoagland @vsComputer

  • Clint explains what Camtasia Relay is, tips on how to use it, and answers some basic questions about the software. Show Notes.

Using Blufftitler
  Jeff Cold 

  • Learn more about Blufftitler and how it can boost your videos reach. Show Notes.

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Education Presentations

Flipped Classroom Design
  Katie Regan & Shari Sloane  @LadyGeeks

  • Videos don’t have to be high tech! Learn about flipping your classroom with this presentation. Show Notes.

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Ask3—What is This App?
  Eric Beyer 

  • Eric highlights the history/background, as well as, some important features in Ask3. Show Notes.

Learning with Serious Games
  Kari Richards and Min Lun Wu 

  • Learn how to help kids learn by viewing video games in a different way. Show Notes.

Interactive Whiteboard Apps for EDU
  Kevin Lawrence @kalawrence9

  • If you’re looking to learn more about interactive apps like Educreations, Ask3, and Screenchomp for education, this is the right presentation for you. Show Notes.

Flippin’ Math Teachers!
Susan Flock 

  • In this presentation you’ll find tips on how to flip a math classroom. Show Notes.

Anti-Anti-Tech Profs and Teachers
  Brian A. Roberts 

  • Unfortunately, we do not have any notes for this presentation. If you have any, feel free to share!

Snagit for Educational Uses
  Jon Oaks @jjoaks

  • Tips and brilliant ideas for Snagit to be used in education. Show Notes.

Instructure Canvas
  Jon Oaks @jjoaks

  • Jon goes in depth on Canvas by Instructure. Check out the show notes for up-to-date information. Show Notes.

Video Tips and Tricks

Introduction to Screencasting
  Anton Bollen @antonbollen

  • Several tips and tricks about screencasting in one presentation. Show Notes.

Video Serving
  Rob Graham @robwgraham

  • Rob talks about the benefits of Wistia as a video server. In the presentation you’ll find out about cost, security and service involved with Wistia. Show Notes.

Manual Zooming with Keyframes
  Mark Repp 

  • Mark walks through his process and gives away some neat tricks. Show Notes.

Easiest Way to Fix Videos
  Bob Jones

Hands on w/ Digital Video part I and Part II

  • Troy Stein @troystein covers Part 1 of Digital Video. Show Notes.
  • Kyle Wilson  discusses shooting video for production. Check out the tips with these Show Notes.

Getting More Out of YouTube
  Matt Pierce @piercemr

  • Powerful tips and tricks to help you boost engagement and create algorithm friendly videos. Show Notes. 

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Videoscribe Comics for Videos
  Jeremy Randle  

  • Need some comics or graphics added to your video? Check out this powerful presentation. Show Notes.

Find Your Training Video
  Bryant LaFreniere 

  • Best way to have a navigable website to find your training videos. Show Notes.

Film Making Terminology
  Kyle Wilson

  • Need to sound more professional in Film making? Check out the Show Notes.

The Forge Webshow
Matt Pierce @piercemr

  • Everything you need to know about The Forge webshow. Show Notes. 

Raising the Bar – Better Screencast
  Kyle Wilson & Rich Wersinger @RichJWersinger

  • Tips on engaging customers and telling a story in your screencast. Show Notes.

Hosting Solutions: What We Like, and What We Want
  Clint Hoagland @vsComputer

  • Several hosting solutions listed and explained. Show Notes.

Help! I Forgot My Laptop
  Ben Rimes @techsavvyed

  • Screencasting with mobile devices, rather than a laptop or desktop. Show Notes.

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Audacity Power Users

  • Find out about some powerful tricks in Audacity ranging from noise filtering to compression. Show Notes.

Presentation Design
  Spider Graham 

  • Presentation design tips for non-designers. Show Notes.

  Katie Regan and Shari Sloane @ladygeeks

  • Lady Geeks went over some powerful tools, quick and easy. Check out the Show Notes.

Having Multiple Contributors
  Karl Schulte 

  • Find out how 3 guys at an Engineering company collaborated to complete video projects in Camtasia. Show Notes.

What is Coach’s Eye?
Carmen Cerino

  • Short notes on what Coach’s Eye can do for you.

Creating Good Audio
  Kari & Rob & Shannon

  • Useful tips and tricks on creating great audio. Learn about setting gain levels to excellent mics to purchase. Show Notes.

Battle Deck
  Spider Graham

  • Awesome, random presentations… this is BattleDeck! Show Notes. 

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  Rich Dorsey

  • Software company presenter talks scripting. Show Notes.

iBook Author
  Steve Dickie @falconphysics 

Augment Something
Erin Klein @KleinErin and Mary Wever @weverworld

  • The notes for this presentation cannot be summed up. Valuable information in the Show Notes.