ScreencastCamper Profiles 2013: Lori Banaszak

ScreencastCamp LogoGet happy: TechSmith‘s annual ScreencastCamp is just a month away! Can you believe it?! One of the coolest things about ScreencastCamp is that it brings together people who may not otherwise have an opportunity to meet. It’s a can’t-miss chance to get to know people with similar interests, and to learn something new!

As an intro to camp, it’s important to us to get to know more about our attendees – both for our own sake, and that of other attendees! After all, it is YOU who will make the conference what it is, and this allows us to help make everyone feel extra super welcome and connected at TechSmith HQ.

Some of our campers are first-timers, and others are seasoned ScreencastCamp veterans. Having only recently started work at TechSmith myself, this will be my very first time attending – and I couldn’t be more excited! TechSmithies all across the company are inspired and driven by what YOU do with (and want from) our software, so we’re eager for the chance to learn from some seriously great minds. It means a lot to us that you want to come spend a weekend chillin’ with us! You guys and gals are pretty darn neat.

Our very first camper profile for ScreencastCamp 2013 is Lori Banaszak ! Lori, as you will learn below, works at Clarkston Community Schools. She enjoys gardening, cooking, reading, kayaking, and learning new things (I think we’ll be good friends!). Her husband Jeff teaches at Flint Community Schools and together they have two lovely daughters named Luci and Carli. Read on to learn more!

Lori’s Bio

ScreencastCamper Lori BanaszakI am currently an Instructional Technology Specialist for Clarkston Community schools. I have been in Clarkston for almost a year. I have been in education for 16 years. I started my career as a special education teacher. The rest of my experience has been in the instructional technology field from local districts to intermediate school districts. I am currently working on a big project to redesign an elementary computer lab/media center to an active learning space. We hope this success will push on to the other elementary buildings and then secondary level. We will be doing a lot of training for staff and students and this is where I hope we can create engaging videos with Camtasia. 🙂

So, you’re new to ScreencastCamp, but are you new to screencasting?

I have been creating screencasts for teachers since I became an instructional technologist. I have used many tools but found that Camtasia and Snagit are the best!

Have you considered getting your daughters into screencasting? What do they think of it?

My oldest daughter would probably love it. I will have to try it this summer with her. Luci loves creating digital stories with Little Bird Tales so I think she would pick it up pretty fast.

What inspired you to look into screencasting, initially?

I am always trying to find ways to teach educators how to be more productive with technology tools. I think this is a great way where teachers can learn on their own time anywhere and anytime. I can’t meet one on one with every teacher but I can create a screencast to meet the needs of many.

Is there a certain presentation topic that you would like to hear about at ScreencastCamp? Would you like to share something yourself?

I guess I would like to learn about more of the tools that I am not using. I get stuck using the same things over and over. I would love to see some more innovative ways to create screencasts and engage the learner more.

A little birdie told me that you like kayaking. Have you ever kayaked in the Red Cedar River (which runs through Okemos, north of TechSmith HQ!)? What’s been your favorite kayaking trip?

I have not kayaked the Red Cedar River but I will put that on my bucket kayak list. I think my favorite spot that my husband and I have kayaked is Drummond Island.


Huge thanks go out to Lori for taking the time to share with us. Be sure to say hello when you see her at camp this summer! For more ScreencastCamp updates, be sure to connect with us on Twitter and Facebook!