ScreencastCamper Profiles: Shannon Sellars and Erin Klein

On to our second round of ScreencastCamper interviews! This time around, we spoke with Shannon Sellars and Erin Klein about their screencasting work and what they hope to learn from/contribute to ScreencastCamp. So if you want to co-lead a session on copyright and fair use with Shannon, or learn a thing or two about blogging from Erin, this post may be your perfect starting point.


Shannon Sellars

Shannon Sellars is the coordinator for studio operations and production at United Theological Seminary in Dayton, OH. Her duties not only include screencasting but also providing technical support for other events on campus, including streaming live events. In her spare time she serves as a stagehand and stage manager in the Dayton area. Her summer stage residence is the Fraze Pavilion in Kettering, Ohio. Shannon says she has been blessed enough to be married for nine years and is shamelessly ordered around by two cats!

An interview with Shannon:

What are some things you use screencasting for?
I mostly use screencasting to help new and current students learn (or refresh themselves) on how to do things here on campus. This could be anything from logging in to email for the first time to researching within complicated databases.

What tools do you use to screencast?
I use Snagit and Camtasia primarily. Outside of the TechSmith family I also use PowerPoint, Audacity and GarageBand. For file formatting sometimes I’ll use Adobe Media Encoder.

Will you be sharing any of your screencasting knowledge at ScreencastCamp? If so, in what specific area(s) of screencasting?
I haven’t totally decided yet, but I’d be very interested in co-leading a session on copyright and fair use. It’s a big topic so I’d like another voice to help lead. I’m still looking for my co-leader. Any takers? I’m also interested in possibly hosting a session on scriptwriting, and making it a session on trading tricks and tips.

What do you hope to learn at Screencast camp?
AS MUCH AS I CAN! I’m most interested in learning how to further develop my own creativity and see how others can turn what could be dry, boring material into something engaging.

Did you ever go to summer camps as a child? If so, what’s the funniest instance that happened at one of your summer camps?
I admit I wasn’t much of a camper as a child. I did serve as a camp counselor though, and, one summer I was leading a group of timid third and fourth grade girls back to our cabin after dinner. In classic clumsy-me fashion, right as I was saying to the girls, “See, there’s nothing to be afraid of!” I tripped over a tree stump and landed after a front tuck and roll, on my back, with a mouth full of dirt. I broke a finger but other than that I was fine. I finished the week, but had to get a temporary pin in my hand to set the finger (yes, I know it’s gross, sorry!). I finished the summer camp season with a pin sticking out of my hand, under a protective splint. When the kids were excessively rowdy I would whip off the covering, exposing the pin, and remind the kids of the dangers of playing in the woods. That usually got their attention. It was awful then but I find it really funny now. : )

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Erin Klein

Erin Klein has a Master’s degree in Education in Curriculum and Instruction. She has taught first, sixth, and seventh grade and is currently teaching second grade.

Erin is the technology co-chairperson for the Michigan Reading Association, a national A Plus Workshop presenter, SMART Technologies exemplary educator, Really Good Stuff monthly blogger, Edutopia guest blogger, National Writing Project member, Teaching Blog Addict business manager and award-winning EduTech blogger. She also runs her own tech-savvy blog.

An interview with Erin:

What are some things you use screencasting for?
I use screencasting in a variety of ways professionally and personally. Most recently, I created my daughter’s video birthday invitation using Camtasia Studio. This software has a lot to offer to me as a teacher and a blogger.

As a blogger, I am often asked to review products and websites. I screencast most of these reviews. I even use Camtasia Studio to record my Skype interviews with authors and product developers.

When I create lessons, I often use Educreations to record lessons on my iPad and Camtasia Studio to record myself and my screen. I can even screencast my Educreations videos once I’ve uploaded them to the web. This way, I can embed/screencast the iPad segments directly into my Camtasia lessons. I love blending tools together to optimize the end result.

What’s your favorite thing about screencasting? Least favorite?
My favorite aspect about screencasting is that I have access to anything. I am never restricted when I’m creating lessons. I can literally snag any content I’m interested in to enhance the lessons I’m developing. My least favorite aspect about screencasting is that though I consider myself fairly tech savvy, I do feel there is a learning curve when using the software.

What do you hope to learn at ScreencastCamp?
I learn best by seeing actual examples of real lessons I can take right back to my classroom. Once I see something truly amazing, I throw myself into it to figure it out so that I can master the ‘how.’ I want to be able to take that amazing idea and apply it in a manner that transfers to my practice.

I hope to see actual lesson examples at a 2-3 grade level. I hope to see a variety of content examples. I feel as though many screencasters start with math and science, I’d be really interested in seeing lessons that applied to reading and writing workshops- that would make my year! I want to see examples that go beyond the lecture- a video lecture is just as ineffective as a live lecture. I’m hoping to see creative and engaging lessons that are short and support rich pedagogical practices.

If you could have any guest in your screencast, who would you choose?
If I could have any guest in my screencast, I’d select the following people:

  • Professional guest: Ron Clark for his high energy and extreme love for teaching… I know he’d be quite engaging
  • Celebrity guest: Matt Damon for his support of education, stellar good looks, and superior use of vocabulary (I love words). Or Selina Gomez or Justin Beiber because I know the kids would love it!

What is your favorite campfire treat?
New Castle… and jalapeño Cheetos.

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