New Version of Snagit for Windows and Mac: Video Trimming and More

New! Snagit 12 - Snagit 3

Rework is expensive. When you make a capture or record a quick video…you don’t want to do it twice.

Today’s new version of Snagit makes it easier and more natural to share knowledge, comments, or just document things you see on your screen. And to do it quickly, without a lot of forethought.

You can try Snagit free (whether you’re new to Snagit or have a previous version). Or upgrade now for half the cost of a new license.

Read on to see what’s new in Snagit (everything listed below applies to both Snagit 12 on Windows and Snagit 3 on Mac).

Video Trimming: Clean Up Your Act

Simple video editing in Snagit

Snagit has included simple video capture for some time. It’s great for giving verbal feedback, making a quick how-to video, or pitching an idea.

But what if you mess up partway through a video? Starting over can easily turn a 1-minute job into a 10-minute ordeal. And leaving your mistake in the video might not be an option.

The new ability to trim video in Snagit makes it dead simple to remove ums, ahs, coughs, or dead space from the beginning, middle, end…or any small mistakes you want to trim out. After making a video capture, just drag the green and red triangles to select the part you want to remove, then click Cut.

Need lots of editing horsepower? That’s where Camtasia shines.

Enhanced Capture Experience: Capture First, Ask Questions Later

New image capture workflow in Snagit

Instead of having to decide in advance what kind of capture you want to do…Snagit now lets you launch a capture and THEN choose whether to grab image or video. You can also resize the capture area after you let off the mouse button.

Less pressure to make all the right choices up front means fewer retakes. Which saves you time.

Lots of Jing users have requested this workflow and it also makes Snagit easier for new users. But if you prefer the old way…you can always switch it back (Win | Mac).

Updated Editor Interface: Keep the Focus on Your Content

Snagit 12 editing interface

The best design brings together both form and function. We took a hard look at the editing environment within Snagit and saw that it could use updates in both areas.

The redesigned editor gives new users a better first impression and helps current users work more efficiently. The darker background and more muted icons keep the focus on your content, making it even easier to get your work done.

If you’re curious about how we arrived at many of the design decisions that went into the new Snagit, you can hear directly from the team involved.

Can’t see the embedded video? Watch it on YouTube.

We’d love to hear how you’re using the new Snagit…and what you’d like to see in the next release! Please shareย your thoughts in our feedback community.