SnagIt v8.2 Gotcha

With the latest release of SnagIt version 8.2, we changed the way we draw our callouts in order to make them look nicer. What’s the trade-off for better looking callouts? Now, when you open a .snag file created in older versions of SnagIt, the new callouts in SnagIt 8.2 will not match.

We had intended to put out a zip file with the stamps that would match the SnagIt 8.1 callouts so you could at least replace your callouts with stamps and text to have it match up. But…with all the release activities, it slipped our minds to put the zip file out for download.

You can download the stamps here.

You can open the “organize stamps” dialog from the stamps tool and add these PNG files to your custom stamps. Then, you can replace the callouts you have with the stamps in the zip file and add the text boxes on top of them.

I’m told that a tutorial will be posted shortly. I will link to it here on the blog and on

Not the ideal process and we should have prepared you for the issues. Please accept our apologies…