Highlights from SXSW 2013

The TechSmith SXSW crew had a great time in Austin…bestowing titanium sporks on Shaquille O’Neal and Iggy Pop, eating way too much BBQ, and playing with monster puppets.

Friends, Puppets, Puppets with Friends

But by far the highlight was meeting and talking to YOU – our customers and future customers. We spent 26 hours in the booth, learning about the needs of people who stopped by and introducing them to the latest TechSmith tools and features. We met TechSmith fans on shuttle rides and standing in line for sessions. We hung out with long-time friends like Chris PirilloBryan EisenbergC.C. ChapmanBeth KanterJeremy Tanner, and Dave Delaney. Aaaaand we persuaded new and old friends alike to play along with the puppets and experience Camtasia’s green screen capabilities firsthand. (Currently available on Camtasia for Maccoming soon for Windows).

The next big thing?

Every year at SXSW, there’s a lot of chatter about what the “next big thing” coming out of the show is going to be. Frankly, it seems to us that SXSW is so huge now (30,000+ paying attendees | 5,000+ events!) that it’s more helpful to break things down by niche or topic. A useful tool for sifting through the chatter is Big Fish, which allows you to scroll back through each day of SXSW Interactive to identify conversations and influencers on things like 3D printing, space, quantified self, or community management.

Playing with mobile apps

Being tech geeks, we love to discover and try out new mobile apps. One fun surprise was Speakerfy, which turns your various devices into remote speakers for streaming music all over the house. The developers of the app not only won the “Pitch Shaq” competition but also turned out to be huge Snagit fans. How huge? Watch this video to find out…

Some of our other favorite mobile app discoveries:

  • TempoRun
    Created by Michigan State University students (with art by TechSmith intern Wendy Wu!)…not in app store yet; aiming for mid-April.
  • Clippick
    Intriguing concept – sync clipboard content between your devices so you can copy some text on your smartphone and paste it on your laptop.
  • Cycloramic
    Automated panoramic image capture for iPhone 5…yep, the phone turns itself. Cool party trick, if nothing else.
  • ProxToMe
    Share files with people who are in the same physical location. I’ve already used this one a couple of times!
  • Coach’s Eye | ScreenChomp | Ask3
    Couldn’t resist a chance to promote TechSmith’s top mobile apps, since a lot of people still don’t know they exist!

Did you attend SXSW this year or watch the coverage from home? What stuck out to you about this year’s show? Any wow moments or new discoveries? Please share in the comments!