Windows 10 is Coming Soon and TechSmith is Here to Help

Have you heard?

Microsoft is making some big, exciting changes! At the end of July, Microsoft will release Windows 10. To help make the transition to Windows 10 smoother, TechSmith has been working closely with Microsoft to make sure our offerings work with the new Windows.


The most recent versions of Snagit, Camtasia, and our latest app, TechSmith Smart Player for Office, will be ready to use with Windows 10 right from the start. That means, you’ll be able to create tutorial content showing how to roll out new Microsoft solutions within the Microsoft environment. Whether you’re rolling out new versions of Office, Office 365 or Windows 10, TechSmith products will help you easily demonstrate Microsoft changes.

Not familiar with TechSmith Smart Player?

With TechSmith Smart Player for Office, you can seamlessly integrate interactive content made with TechSmith products like Camtasia and Snagit into your PowerPoint and Excel documents right from OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online. To truly make your content measurable and collaborative, you can also add quiz and survey questions at any point in your video to make your content a two way communication tool.

Then use our preview version of TechSmith Results to see your quiz and survey results and measure how well your message is received. Instead of back and forth questions via email and meetings, clarify document expectations or instructions with visual communication.

Can’t see the embedded video? Watch it on YouTube.