The Forge – Interview with Lee LeFever of Common Craft

Woah! The Forge is back!! We’re starting our 4th year and we’ve got a great episode for you.

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So, in the course of your everyday life, do you ever need to explain anything? Do you find that easy? Difficult?

Frankly, if you’re a marketer, trainer, business owner, parent, partner – you’re explaining things, probably multiple times a day. Sometimes the stakes are low, but what about when the stakes are really high? Do you know how to communicate in a way that will have the biggest impact?

We’re kicking Episode 30 off with the concept of simplicity (meaning we get to the good stuff faster), drawing pro tips from Common Craft‘s master explainer, Lee LeFever. Even if you’re not sure who he is, you’ve probably seen at least one of his videos, like the one below:

Can’t see the video? Watch it on YouTube!

Art of Explanation, book by Lee LeFeverIn our interview, Lee talks about where the idea for Common Craft came from and how they developed their unique video style. We also talk about Lee’s new book, The Art of Explanation.

In addition to our interview with Lee, there’s a quick announcement about The ScreenChamp Awards. They are back and the submission period has started! If you’ve got a video that you think is great, submit it! There are great prizes at stake, including, of course, opportunities for glory!

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