Meet Vesone Dean , 2012 ScreenChamp Audience Choice Winner

Vesone Dean eating ScreenChamp cookieTake a guy who was studying pre-med, who wanted to be more creative, but ended up doing tech support for a software company, and then give him a shot at creating an important video and what do you get? Vesone Dean , the 2012 Audience Choice winner of the ScreenChamp awards.

Vesone says before making his ScreenChamp entry, he had played with editing sports clips he found online, but hadn’t put together other videos. Evanced Solutions, the company Vesone works for, was about to launch a new version of one of their software solutions. They knew they wanted a video, and that’s when Vesone saw the opportunity to throw his ring in his hat. Since then, Vesone has been transitioning from Support Agent to video production.

Vesone was the winner in the Audience Choice (Best in Show) category for the 2012 ScreenChamp Awards. His video, What is SignUp? is a walk-through of Evanced Solutions calendering system.

What is SignUp? from ScreenChamp Awards on Vimeo.

When talking about showing off his first draft, Vesone said, “Everyone was blown away. They kept saying ‘we didn’t know you could do this, why didn’t you say something sooner?'” To make the deadline and overcome some of the problems with an early production, Vesone ended up pulling an all-nighter to get the video completed.

Vesone has a few tips for anyone just getting started with screencasting:

  • Get into the software and start exploring.
  • Watch and read the tutorials.
  • Don’t just look at the tutorials for the software you’re using. Seeing what other software can do, you get ideas and can expand what you can do.
  • is particularly helpful.
  • People are afraid of hearing their voice and being in front of the camera. Just jump in and start testing!
  • There’s a lot you can do with screencasting- have fun with it.

We also wanted to find out what Vesone used to create his screencast. He mentioned that his company created a mini-studio in an office. It’s pretty low tech, with one wall painted green to create a green screen. On the other walls, they cut bed foam into 9×9 inch squares and covered the wall. Beside the studio, they shot camera video with a D5100 DSLR. They used a condenser mic with a Zoom H4N field recorder to capture the audio.

For software he used Camtasia Studio, Adobe After Effects, Audition, Photoshop and Illustrator.

When asked about what he plans on doing next, Vesone said he has a whole queue of videos lined up. And with the win of the ScreenChamp award, along with all the great work he’s doing, his work queue is most likely not going to get any shorter.

Matt Pierce

Matt Pierce is a Learning & Video Ambassador at TechSmith. A graduate of Indiana University’s School of Education’s Department of Instructional Systems Technology, he has ten years of experience working in learning and development with a focus on visual instruction. He has directly managed the training, user assistance, video, and other teams for TechSmith. Teach him something @piercemr