Next Vista for Learning, Rushton Hurley Interview: Forge Episode 33

One of the best parts of working on the Forge is the amazing people I get to meet. Many of them are working to help change their little part of the world for the better. This month’s guest is right up there.

I first met Rushton Hurley of Next Vista for Learning through TechSmith colleague Jason Valade, who recommended Rushton as a potential judge for the 2012 ScreenChamp awards. We ended up connecting for that event, and he was a great judge with insightful comments. I knew at that point I wanted to connect with him again to talk more about video. In the process of trying to figure out 48 guests for 48-in-24, I reached out to Rushton again. Our schedules didn’t match up, but he mentioned he was going to be in Grand Rapids Michigan to speak at the MACUL education conference. And that’s where I met up with him to bring you this episode of the Forge.

There are two videos – the first is a one minute highlight of our conversation. The second video is 16:06, and is basically the full interview. The first will hopefully get your interest, and the second will provide you will good details.

One Minute Overview (1:05)

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Full Episode (16:06)

Can’t see the video? Watch it on YouTube!

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Matt Pierce

Matt Pierce is a Learning & Video Ambassador at TechSmith. A graduate of Indiana University’s School of Education’s Department of Instructional Systems Technology, he has ten years of experience working in learning and development with a focus on visual instruction. He has directly managed the training, user assistance, video, and other teams for TechSmith. Teach him something @piercemr